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What was I thinking?

I just got the tall one. It's so sparkly and magical and perfect.

Can you believe I ever owned this piece of shit brown gourd lamp? I feel so dumb.

Can everyone please, please make me feel better by confessing the worst decorating mistake you ever made? Bad accessory purchase? Terrible wallpaper choice? Ugly sofa? Anything. Just don't leave me here hanging all vulnerable and stuff now that I have shown you my ugly gourd lamp (which will be presented as a magical wonderful lamp when I sell it soon on Craigslist, FYI).


Leah said...

Oh God -- there are too many to count:

* The red coral illustrations from Ballard Designs? (Kill me now.)

* The olive green and red floral duvet cover from Resto Hardware?

* The mirrored cocktail table that I thought was vintage (because that's what the eBay seller I purchased it from said), but that was actually from ZGallerie?

* The tasteful but boring dark-wood console table from Pottery Barn?

* The matching sofa-and-armchairs-set from Crate & Barrel (again -- tasteful, but oh-so-predictable)?

* All that vintage lucite stuff from eBay that I went a little crazy for awhile back?

* Half of the cheap, poorly made crap that I haul home from IKEA on a regular basis?

Fortunately, much of it is gone now (thanks to craigslist and eBay) -- otherwise, I'd be a walking decorating cliche and risk literally boring myself to death.

Actually, I kind of blame craigslist and eBay for my decorating ADD -- I get hyped up on stuff, and then sick of it so quickly now. But I'm able to rationalize my purchases, and then rationalize getting rid of them six months later, because I figure that I can just sell things off when I feel like something new.



JJ said...

I love you, Leah. I think you do all the things I would do if I had more time and money. Instead I sit in an almost empty house.

Hey Bloggstress, I think I remember when you bought that brown lamp. But didn't your fiancee pick it out and sell you on its merits? I think we can blame him. said...

Hmm... I am not sure I can blame him this time. I think I might be at fault. But I like the pass-the-buck thought you had there. said...

Leah - you made my day. I am glad I am not the only one with major decorating regrets. said...
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alis said...

um.. I'm too ashamed to say it but.. Matching furniture for my bedroom. Wardrobe, dresser, desk, bed all matching! My only excuse is that I was 18 at the time. And now I'm stuck with them!

maison21 said...

i have never made a decorating mistake. swear. and if any of my friends tell you otherwise, they are LIARS.

please, mistakes are half the fun of decorating! i have "what was i ever thinking" moments every single day, probably and they always make me smile (unless it was for a paying client, then i feel very guilty- i try very hard not to make those anymore).

someday i'll do a post on my blog featuring my bedroom circa 1990- every wall painted a different color- purple, red, blue, hot pink, and one wall an overscale green and orange jacquard pattern, all tied together with gold leaf trim and gold furniture. think zsa zsa gabor meets barnum abd bailey. simply ghastly, and a very happy memory...

Mrs. Blandings said...

Maison 21 - cannot, cannot wait to see that. I have many, I'm sure. Bombay Company faux Queen Anne coffee table and matching, but not, Chippendale-ish side table. Tan bathroom with southwest-y BORDER - relating to absolutely nothing else in the house. Hanging a fish (ceramic) in a net in the pass-through window between the kitchen and den. Do I need to go on? A silly lamp seems like a minor offence now, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

That gourd lamp isn't so ugly; it does need a better shade (with a warmer fabric).

Anonymous said...

Wow, am I the only one who thinks the Restoration Hardware lamp (bland, mass appeal, "good taste,"completely devoid of personality) is the mistake? It looks like something that belongs in a Kansas City Hilton. Gimme an ugly gourd lamp any day. And yes, it does need a new shade.

Anonymous said...

hmmm... In a Restoration Hardware display, it might be a little bland, but in the right setting, it'd have charm and delicacy.

I think it's kind of amateurish to decorate a room only with things that are "dramatic" and that "make a statement." Sometimes you need a quiet note or two, if only to make the room bearable. I also think it's amateurish to dismiss anything for having "mass appeal." In Denmark in the 1940s and 50s, Danish Modern had "mass appeal." And in that case, the "masses" were right.

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