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for fuck's sake. How did this happen, Melanie? What is WRONG with you? You start tinkering and the whole thing falls apart. With all this talk about people bashing Jennifer Love Hewitt, I concur - - we shouldn't pick on a girl who has a body that totally defeats most of ours ANYDAY.

However, Melanie, you little trout-lipped loser, you totally deserve to be mocked. Your face is vulgar and your desperate attempts to stop time have backfired and frankly, you deserve it.

Merry Christmas, Mel. Now throw Antonio back into the sea, as he's still quite a catch* and deserves someone who has aged a bit more gracefully.


*except that he has those ridiculous perfumes and colognes which is just ticky-tacky. And he's with you, Mel, so his taste-level is really to be questioned, making him a less desirable catch than I might have initially guessed.


Anonymous said...

You're right, of course, but on the other hand, he's stuck with her for 11 years so far. Strange but impressive.

And let's face it, if she hadn't done a thing to her face, she'd still have a career that's dead in the water.

Anonymous said...

PS: How'd she still end up with such a big nose? said...

Anon, once again, you are right on the money.

mamacita said...

And he picked her over Madonna! Although Madonna hasn't fared much better. And frankly, the way Madonna came on to him was a little scary.

Q: How'd she still end up with such a big nose?
A: It's the only part of her face she hasn't hacked to bits.


Why can't we just age the way we are supposed to? Ya know, get over it and deal. Some women are beginning to look like freaks. Poor thing. Won't he love her no matter what?

Richie Designs said...

I saw M live and in person this summer at Barney's in LA. She was wearing a large brimmed hat and standing at the makeup counter. I saw her just as her hat tipped up for a few small seconds.

I gasped in horror. She seriously is the most F*ed up looking woman I've ever seen. I feel bad for her...what do you do with yourself when it's gone that direction? I'm not sure it could be corrected without doing more harm.

You gotta give them both props though...they're still married....after all this time.

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