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Just because it's free doesn't mean it should suck:

Dear Technorati,

Despite pinging you 9 times you haven't updated my blog in 9 days.

Just because your service is free doesn't mean it should suck.


Dear Blogger image uploader,

You're unreliable. And your interface and the ability to sort of drag and drop images is woefully inadequate. You should, I dunno, innovate. Again, just because you're free doesn't mean you should suck.



Anonymous said...

Technoratti sucks, true. (And has for a long time.) Then again, you get what you pay for.

Decorno said...

Ha! Maybe. :)

Although look at Gmail. If "you get what you pay for" means a perfect application, free spreadsheets, nearlyunlimited storage, then other companies/web applications need to step it up a bit, no?

Joslyn said...

amen sister

Brilliant Asylum said...

Switch to Google Analytics. I don't know much about Technoratti, but Google has a fun little interactive map to see where in the world your readers are coming from--and it is free. I can literally see when my best friend who lives in Pensacola, Florida is (or more likely isn't) reading my blog.

Decorno said...

Oh, BA, you are a savior. I just added it and am looking forward to a Site Meter alternative.

Pigtown-Design said...

I use site meter. I think it's amazing to see where people are from. Thanks for the Google Analytics tip, Brilliant!

LondonCalling said...

As a newby, the image loader seems a pain!

alis said...

I use Google Analytics, and am happy with it. But you can't see reports of the day you are in. My dad uses Extreme Tracking for his blog and it's like minute to minute tracking, totally satisfying.

Anonymous said...

I like google analytics. And wish Technoratti would just go away. Sigh.

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