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Seriously. Tell me you read this blog.

I've posted a little love letter about this blog before, (twice, actually...), but she kills me. Honestly, I am not even sure how she got in the decor-blog club because she writes about everything else, but I *love* this shit.

Scented Glossy Magazines

But read the last 3 posts... the one about Shaper hairspray is quite rewarding. And this one is priceless.


SGM said...

Yeah, how did I get in the design category?! I LIKE IT THERE. You design bloggers float my boat.
A big smooch to you, Decorno. I, along with your other happy readers, adore you.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I found SGM through a link on your website, Decorno. The other night, I spent an obscene amount of time reading through all her posts. I almost wet myself. Total scream. Both of you, actually...I think you're both freaking hilarious. Your observations are SPOT ON. Love, love, love.

Paloma said...

I also happend to find SGM through your blog and it quickly became one of my favorites! It has become a daily read for me. :)

katiedid said...

SGM is a daily read, and I owe it all to YOU Decorno! You are both a bit addictive, sort of like chocolate and TV. I can't help it.

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