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Still sick.

Yes, still sick.

I like how I feel obligated to let my "people" know. All 29 of you. (And I love you all, I do). So no snarky or magical post from me. However, I do think you need to read this one while I am in a wine/Nyquil vegetative state.

I just love her blog. She's not a blog-traffic whore. She's not overly eager to respond to her responders. She just uses it like a happy little diary and I love it.

You have to read all the way until she (surprisingly) references her UNC/Chapel Hill alum status and gives excellent visual commentary on the team (and I don't even like sports...).

Um, note to everyone... if people start getting sick at your office, it's not just a cold. It's like the flu laced with hints of The Plague. Just stay home. Do as Rachel Zoe does (I know... I can't believe I just fucking said that...) and dab a little bit of Neosporin around your nostrils to ward off germs.

This one's a doozy.

Oh, and put DOWN the Purell. You crazy Purell people are the reason we have this superbug. Thanks a lot, dudes. I miss the regular Cold and Flu. I even miss regular Ear Ache and his cousin Strep Throat. But this new thing? Holy shit.

Holy shit.


SGM said...

I love Suwanee too! Great eye, that girl.
Neosporin on the nose? I've heard that causes wrinkles on the forehead.
Get well soon.

MABELLE said...

haha- i can't sleep and you are cracking me up!! I hope you feel better soon! (although the Nyquil and wine posts are pretty damn funny so i dunno...) As for your playlist request, you've got me thinking! I'm pretty sure i'd have to log in anonymously though to give you the real playlist i need- haha. Night!

Jules said...

Purell and overuse of antibiotics are why we are all so sick. Newsflash: colds are viruses and don't respond to antibiotics.

I didn't know responding to your responders makes you a traffic whore. I was just trying to be nice! Of course, I have like 3 people comment and they're all my friends so it doesn't even matter. ;)

Feel better soon.

maison21 said...

so i guess since you have he rachel zoe bug, you are throwing up all your food?

feel better soon, decorno!

(and this sentiment is from all 29 of your readers, which is still better than my 3. yes, i am a traffic whore.)

seriously, i hope you are over your purell-resistant super-bug soon! rest up, so you can come back stronger and funnier than ever!

Decorno said...

Ha! Jules, you're right.... I re-read what I wrote and I sound like turd, huh?! I think what I meant to say was that Isuwanee doesn't seem too reader focused. She's just doing the blog for the sake of it, which is cool.

Mrs. Blandings said...

29? I think not. You are way too groovy for that. Hope you are feeling better. I loathe people who go to work sick.

Jennifer said...

I, on behalf of all of my readers (which may actually just be me, myself and I -- or if I were Britney Spears, all 14 of my personalities), wish you luck in your battle against The Plague.

Jamie Meares said...

i'm responding to this, but very lacksidazically like, as if i could only be bothered for a second to do so.

i hope you feel better.

i suwannee said...

please watch this quick like

Decorno said...

Nice. I am like that ALL the time.

Suzy said...

Hope you're feelin better soon, and that your nasty bug is not contagious over the internet! As for the play list...I need to think on that one...

Abbey said...

Feel better! Love those books.

decor8 said...

I hope you feel better soon, I had what you have for the past 2.5 weeks and it's NOT GOOD.


zirah said...

I know this post is old, but I just found your site. I am DYING... really, I nearly wet my pants after reading this. It's hilarious.

Thanks for the laugh. It's always fun.


Decorno said...

Thanks Zirah. :)

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