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Total perfection, no?

Great photo from a great blog, with a great title (Abbey Goes Design Scouting) with a great logo and great post.

Apparently, I like things that are great.*

*Captain Obvious also declared that I like money, I like food that tastes good, and I like weekends & other days off. Captain Obvious knows me like no other!


Linda said...

I agree, love the art and touches of color.

Abbey Goes Design Scouting said...

Thanks for the link and the blog love. I'm hooked on yours, thanks for finding me so I could find you.


Anonymous said...

Yes, fab. You forgot to mention it's from BETTER HOMES & GARDENS. Wild, huh?

JJ said...

I love it. So pretty. Is the ceiling blue?

It's so pretty that I don't think I would be comfortable living there! I'd need it to be 50% in shambles and have tufts of dog hair floating through. I think I might have a slight mental issue.

Anonymous said...

The blue ceiling gave me pause.

But the green walls and the green upholstery and the portrait: Yowza!

lsaspacey said...

Yes, it's not your mothers' Better Homes & Gardens anymore. That issue had a lot of great stuff in it.

Brilliant Asylum said...

Oh, I like this one. A little color and a little pretty without being too much.

Anonymous said...

one words comes to mind: crisp!
I, too, love the painting and feel it makes a huge impact on the setting -- wish I could find a chair like that!

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