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What if the Sartorialist only photographed himself?

...And was a girl... this is what it would be like: Style Bytes

How much do you love that the photos of her are so styled? And that she owns a pig.

I love it. She's cooler than I will ever be. Plus, you have to love a blog entry like this - - just the photo and the declaration:

"I collected the last of my money and got an issue of Vogue Italia accompanied with a Big Mac to ease the pains of yesterday."

That's fucking fabulous.


Habitually Chic said...

Some fabulous magazine in Oslo better give this girl a job because style like that isn't made, it's born!

Alison said...

Oh Decorno......
Give her a run.
Don't argue.
You could.

Have always been convinced of an innate, IKnowThingsYouNeverWillCan'tTouchThisSista
asthete (well, let's call it what it is: A BIG OL' GIFT) that pure bred Scandinavians are born with.

My excuse, is that I'm only half Norwegian.

And, with her pig named Molvin.
She's Otherworldy, yes.

Joslyn said...

she's pretty swell.

damn...yet another blog to add to my addiction. thanks.

my revenge, here's one for you in a similar vein and equally addictive

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