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Bad Decorno.


I have been a bad blogger lately... the posts have not been frequent enough and I am late on a few assignments. I have a good excuse.

1) I am sick again. It's pathetic to even admit. I think I need to start crumbling up Flintstone vitamins and sprinkling them on my morning donut to enhance my... health.

2) Work. Dammit people, I have a real job. I just can't sit here and blog for you all day long (as much as I would like to). Work has been superbusy and I think I am traveling half the month on business, so it's been a heady mix of packing, unpacking, dry cleaning, Powerpoint presentations (I hate powerpoint... I would rather communicate with PlayDoh presentations... they require more ingenuity... but I digress) and just general breathing of unhealthy airplane air (yum!).

So, what I owe you next week is the promised interview with John Tusher of Velocity Art and Design. I also owe you the playlist of the custom CD winner. Both will be awesome, I promise.

*V-Day sponsired by Ridge Three Valleys wine. Holy god, this was tasty.


pve design said...

hey, bad decorno, you are always bad in my book.
chin up, blog your way through your illness. do you take a multi-vitamin and make sure to drink lots of
beverages. a hot toddy at bed time and sleep is always best. feel better---
when you are good you are good, but when you are bad, you are even better! bad to the bone!

Jennifer said...

Studies* have shown that consumption of mass quantities of wine is the most effective way of battling viral plague. Feel better! Jennifer

* Studies performed by me.

Decorno said...

Jen... I like your method of research* :)

PVE - you crack me up.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just hate it when your day job expects you to, like, work?! Don't they know we're busy on the internet???

maison21 said...

that pesky work stuff does get in the way of the time one can devote to the internets, doesn't it? i say just give up the day job, and let hope pay your way!

yes you can!

ok, i guess i've watched one too many obama speeches, but seriously, feel better! and don't worry about your devoted readers- we'll wait patiently until you are rested and ready to dazzle us with your witty posts again...

ps- when you are washing down your flinstones enriched donut with that glass of wine, you might drop an airborne tablet into it- helps moi when i'm fighting the flucancer!

Suzy said...

Hope you're feeling better soon so you can get back to cracking us up with your usually witty posts. Damn work, how dare it get in the way!

Anonymous said...

What about the Things That Are Wrong: Fashion that you promised us? I need to know we are feeling appalled at the same things! I need affirmation!

Ana said...

just ran across your blog for the first time... and the fact that you love ridge three valleys means you must be a rad person. so delish! looking forward to checking your blog more often!

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