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Caulfield Parcel

Lately more and more people are sending me things to check out - products, art, whathaveyou (is that one word? It's such a hillbilly word. I love it...) like, for review or something. I kinda love it. I helps me maintain this sense that I am some kind of (totally unqualified) arbiter of taste and style. Which I am not, but it's fun to pretend, no?

So I got this little note below and I was suspicious because I am always worried some kind of hand-stitched ric-rac Etsy explosion blow up my in-box if I click on certain links, but what do you know? It's fabulous! Lucky me. And now, lucky you.

Check it out:

We wanted to send a quick email in regards to our 1st collection of cards...we’re big fans
of your blog, we especially enjoyed the “Bourgeois Dictionary" post. originally from the Midwest ourselves the whole “Pop vs. Soda” debate is always a controversial issue.

Hope you enjoy.
Thanks Again for making us laugh...

Heather Calugaru
Ryan Giles

Heather is a senior art director for a luxury accessories company and Ryan works on the web side of a men's lifestyle magazine. Their design-y (and busy) selves

Heather says, "Our goal for Caulfield Parcel is to rethink stationery and create a strong brand identity focusing on design. We started our stationery business because we could never find cards we liked. Our cards are timeless, not trendy. Our inspiration for this collection came from the fashion pages of Vogue (“ The Nines,"), everybody’s favorite past time (“Paint by Numbers”), old mundane order forms (“The Forms”) and the great 80’s Magnum P.I. television show (“Private Eye”).

We’re in the process of creating a second collection along with other items like sketch books, and journals."

If you're a retailer, you could be one of the first to get in on the action. Their minimum order is 5 units/boxed sets per collection ($50 wholesale). Contact information for orders is on their site.


Anonymous said...

I never noticed till I looked at that card how great paint-by-numbers looks without being filled in.

Jennifer said...

"because I am always worried some kind of hand-stitched ric-rac Etsy explosion blow up my in-box if I click on certain links"

I could not have said it better myself. Great find!

Anonymous said...

Is it time for Etsy to have an intervention? I love the concept, and for the most part I love the execution, but my Lord, after a while all those little swirly prints start looking exactly the same, don't they?

JJ said...

I love their packaging but I wouldn't buy their cards because their design is "not my style."

Actually, the design is probably EXACTLY my style as others see me but sending handwritten notes is so old school and so foo foo that I like to do it on girly and cute stationery.

But I am proud of them for starting their business and I hope all you retailers pick up a few sets and support them.

Anonymous said...

I like how they managed to make a motorcycle look sort of WASPy and refined, like a botanical print or something.

Richie Designs said...

I *heart* vespas and paint by numbers so cute!!

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