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Designer Tia Zoldan offers FREE fabulous design advice right here on Decorno:

Well... I guess I just never know who is reading this blog, do I?

If you read this post, you can see that Decorno reader Michelle wrote in to ask for advice on a big blank wall (and naturally, we all chimed in and redecorated not just the wall, but the whole room... aren't we a bunch of little brats...).

The brilliant part is that Michelle commented that she loved designer Tia Zoldan's place (above). Tia saw this and chimed in with all kinds of great advice for Michelle.

So check it out for yourself right here.

Tia - you rock.


mominaledo said...

So...I'm in need of some advice - and not of the $100/hour variety! Can I send you pictures?

Jules said...

I thought Tia's advice was fantastic. My jaw just about hit the table when she chimed in. But, seriously, Ms. D. First Domino, then Tia? Now you're just showing off. Who's next, Vern Yip? ;)

So, where should I email pictures of my entire house?

S. said...

WOW. Tia, that is remarkably gracious! And, I am astounded by the generosity and evolved design sense of the other Decorno fans who answered.

Funny. Canadian House and Home used to have an "ask a designer" segment on their TV show but they phased it out since viewers wanted to see "inspirational lifestyles" not be depressed by "regular, real homes."

But at Decorno, both the reader sending in her photos and the responders seem to have such sharp eyes, keen wit, and self-deprecating humour that it's great fun and highly entertaining.

Abbey Goes Design Scouting said...

sigh, i just love that room -- the light the comfortable chair.... everything. xo Abbey

Anonymous said...

<<...astounded by the generosity and evolved design sense of the other Decorno fans who answered.>>

True, true. It is only a select few who have displeased us who will feel the biting lash of Decorno's whip.

Nicole@Glamorous Living said...

Love the turquoise blue ottoman and accents. I want to "cut and paste" this room into my house. Great blog btw...Daily Read.

Cote de Texas said...

Wow! How impressive! It's amazing who all is reading the blogs, especially yours! Don't you wish you knew everyone - I'll bet there would be lots of fabulous lurkers here.

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