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Does anyone know if this is still on track for March?

The L.A. House (56 pages of porn!!! I cannot wait.)

I hope so.


You can pre-order here, at Ye Olde Amazon Bookstore.


Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath.

This book was originally developed by Judith Regan of Reganbooks (an imprint of HarperCollins). When Judith got canned (you can google her name for all the gory details) all her projects went back to the parent company HarperCollins, where they had to figure out what do with it.

This book was supposed to be out ages ago. I contacted publicists for HarperCollins and Reganbooks several times last year to get an advance copy for review and could not get a straight answer out of them other than that the book had been delayed.

The L.A. House was delayed even before Regan lost her job. I think this book got lost in the shuffle when Regan moved her offices from NYC to LA.

It will be interesting to see what kind of book ends up being released. I feel sorry for Ruthie because a.) Judith is a total bitch to work with and b.) I'm sure that this project got passed around a lot.

decorno said...

Anon... this is great info. Thank you. You sound like some kind of insider... like you might have had an opportunity to angrily throw a cup of coffee in Judith's face at one point. :)

I just took a shot at emailing Ruthie to see if she could let us know a date.

katiedid said...

I hope so. I preordered this book like a year ago! Wow, some very interesting info there anon. I'd be a little more than "upset" if I were Ruthie.

Anonymous said...

I e-mailed Ruthie's website a few weeks ago and they told me it was to be published in late spring, early summer and they would keep me updated when they had the official release date. I hope this book doesn't fall through the cracks!

decorno said...

Oh, good. I hope it doesn't fall through either. I think it will be a strong seller with all this Domino love and design interest percolating out there these days.

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