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Get to know John Tusher of Velocity

If you read my recent interview with Kelie Grosso of Maison Luxe, you're going to want to stay tuned mid next week for an interview with John Tusher, owner of Velocity Art & Design.

Velocity was a Seattle pioneer of the mod & modern revival. Way before Jonathan Adler was spreading his happy ceramic love all over the design world (and Bravo TV for that matter), John picked up Adler's line, as well as many other modern brands to sell through his website.

What's totally cool about John (even if your design sensibility isn't as starkly modern/organic as his) is that John got into retail unconventionally - - he started on the web first, then opened a storefront (now a full showroom).

So, stay tuned to learn about John and his wife Laura, and the little web business that could.

And while you're at it - do your homework, kids: check out Velocity right here


Paola said...

Hmmm interested to read this. I used to love the Belltown Velocity but was a wee bit disappointed in it when I went to the new SLU location.

Too much Artecnica/Bontje stuff and it was doing a lot of the stuff that Habitat in the UK was doing four or five years ago...It was as if they'd just bought quickly to fill the new location, so maybe there's a bit more variety now.

Anonymous said...

did it take forever for them to get back to you. hell, do they even check their email?

Decorno said...

No, he's totally prompt! I am the slow one. I promised this profile for next week, so we're still on time. Holy your horses anon. :)

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