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Jack and Lulu: cards as nice as the girls who make them

So, I am in NY for work and thought I would come early to visit the New York Gift show which is the wholesale market that offers up a great mix of furnishings, jewelry, accessories, paper products, and other great stuff from Oly Studio, John Derian, Herves Gambes, Voluspa and so so so many other goodies.

As I walked passed the Jack and Lulu booth I just stopped and blurted out, "Oh my gosh, you look JUST like the booth!"

That was a high compliment.

Jack and Lulu is a stationery line that offers up graphic little notecards that just pop with the best patterns and colors. It's a version of preppy even sour Decorno can get behind.

The designer and her business partner were put together in skinny little pants, chic flats, and touches of bright green and crisp white and other bits of outfit that just screamed "Yep. We are fab and sweet, and as you can see, we managed to turn our own style into a very cool brand."

Boy did they ever.

You can shop online for Jack and Lulu here.

On an unrelated note, the designer had actually heard of Decorno the blog. As you can imagine, this totally made my day.


pve design said...

Jack and Lulu
went up the hill
to fetch a box of paper
Jack fell down and broke his pencil
and Lulu came tumbling after....
all right, "corny" - I know.
I love the
Jack and Lulu goods.

Anonymous said...

Jack and Lulu have always been my secret names for the imaginary children that I (apparently)am never going to have. So I'm pleased as punch they've turned up somewhere...and are as cool as can be. Just thought I'd share with the team....

the designer said...

love the cards! I've been looking for some to use as general thank you cards. maybe if they're that cute, i won't be so lazy to send them out. also, very exciting that they heard about you - although not surprised :)

design dna said...

ooh! big fun, lucky duck!

Cote de Texas said...

Hi - you know Patricia Gray's daughter owns a greeting card company. That's why they were in Dallas and her daugther and her husband have been traveling to all the markets. it's a great little company that her daughter started - she designs all the cards herself. they have a vintage feel, totally different than Jack and Lulu. I was amazed at market how many card companies there are out there.

Wheelchair said...

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