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Great Stuff, in Seattle's Georgetown

Kirk Albert is the only game in town.

That is, he is the only one hunting down and acquiring incredibly unique vintage items and then offering them up for your retail consumption. What makes his buying so unique is the risk involved.

Kirk goes big. A giant gilded shoe (formerly a display item?). A time-worn stack of vintage wedding cake molds. A huge "MEAT MARKET" sign. You won't see this kind of stuff in your regular store, but Kirk isn't operating your regular shop.

Kirk specializes in lighting and offers his own designs crafted from vintage parts. He used to sell at Seattle's large Pacific Galleries, but recently moved to the still-seedy but on-the-verge neighborhood of Georgetown, just south of the downtown Seattle core.

My friend JJ and I visited him yesterday, chatted him up, and took these snapshots for you. WE LOVE KIRK. Not just because he is the best display merchandiser in Seattle, not just because he has a keen eye for cool product, not just because he's addicted to reality TV and is a fucking crack up. No. We love him because as soon as we walked out of his store and hopped back into the big rig, we decided that Kirk has the best head of hair on any man we have ever seen.

So, go see for yourself and pick up a MEAT MARKET sign while you are at it.


Leah said...

LOVE it!!! Will definitely plan a visit next time I hit Seattle. What kind of prices are we talking?


Decorno said...

Low hundreds to thousands. It really depends on what you are looking for, though.

Feel free to call him to ask, I honestly wasn't pay as much attention to prices as I should have. We were too busy chatting him up. :)

coco+kelley said...

oh my god. i don't know whether to be excited or pissed because he beat me to opening this kind of store in seattle... but i do want that light up crown. NOW.

ALL THE BEST said...

Great stuff and that sign is brilliant!

Mrs. Blandings said...

He's fabulous - everyone should have at least one really wonderful shop like this. Thank goodness I have Christopher - otherwise, I'd be on a plane!

Richie Designs said...

omg. must. visit. seattle. soon

there are 3 items in each photo that I would die to have.

JJ said...

I am going to marry Kirk and move into his store and make him call me Kim Kardashian all day.

Decorina said...

Big rig? You have a big rig?

decorno said...

Um, does an Xterra count? It seems like a big rig to me since my regular ride is a green VW bug. :)

It just sounds more badass to say big rig.

Mary T. said...

He so does -- he's positively David Lynchian!

When he first opened he had a giant -- GIANT -- old circus poster across the entire back of his shop that said "CIRCUS FREAKS." Totally awesome, and $8,000!

We looked a lot and he's not cheap, but he does have an amazing eye. He told us he travels each year down south to pick up all his finds.

Anonymous said...

Finally made it to Seattle and saw this store. Really nice. Scored a few pieces but wanted more.

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