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I'm not here.

I mean, not at home, that is.

I am with JJ and 3 other girls at a lovely little home in the Russian River Valley in northern CA. My fiance's dad bought the place 6 years ago and he completely rebuilt it. Wrap-around porch, view of vineyards, lovely outside desck and patio with fireplace, salvaged wood floors that he put in upstairs, gorgeous ebonized hardwoods downstairs. Ugh. He's so industrious it makes me weep at what little we have done at our home. He's amazing. He even made a bunch of the furniture in here. Crazy.

I'll try to upload photos when I am back. Have a good weekend everyone. I'll be sure to have a glass of wine for each any every one of you.


SGM said...

That's a LOT of wine, Decorno. :) Have fun!

pve design said...

have a good time there
while you are not here.

Alkemie said...

Wow! Very much looking forward to those photos. I've been in that area a couple times when I was younger to white water raft. Nice area. Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Good heavens, I'm jealous!

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