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Revival Home & Garden opens in Georgetown, Seattle

I got an email today from Leah who *just* opened a store in the so-cool-it-hurts neighborhood of Georgetown in Seattle. (Ahem, she did not invite Decorno to her opening... I just would like to point that out right here... but I'm not bitter... seriously).

Now with 24 Karat dealing antiques there, with Kirk having opened Great Stuff, and with Revival cutting the ribbon, I would say for Georgetown (finally):

Game on.

Just this morning I was telling two young associates at my company... buy a house in Georgetown. It's gritty, it's cheap, it's fabulous... it will only get better. Good things are happening there, but so far it's been a chop shop, a Vespa store, Fantagraphics (gotta love that... can you say Ghost World?), and All City Coffee. But real retail has been tough. Revival finally puts Georgetown over the hump when Seattle-ites decide which far flung and blocked-by-water neighborhood it wants to journey to for a weekend outing.

So... visit Revival and check out the whole neighborhood. And buy a house while you are at it. You can't lose. Things are happening here.

Revival Home and Garden
Great Stuff
Nine Pound Hammer bar


Anonymous said...

First picture: Pink, gold and black. Killer combo.

Brilliant Asylum said...

I am digging the store and especially their cool logo.

I have never actually read Ghost World, but the movie is one of my all time faves.

Decorno said...

Ghost World and Eightball are the only comic books I ever read, and they were both really amazing. I recommend getting your hands on a copy.

kassy said...

I love that last shot, I love driving through Georgetown, I just hope it doesn't get overdeveloped like Ballard has. Now if only I could convince my boyfriend to move to Georgetown while its cheap.

datapimp said...

that last shot no longer exists Kassy.

The Ranier stock houses were torn down monnths ago for condos.

Wheelchair said...

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