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San Juan Island.

Off the coast of northwestern Washington state are 4 islands that make up the San Juans. San Juan Island is the largest. It's one of the best places I have ever been. You can even day trip it from Seattle... just drive to Anacortes, take the hour-long ferry trip past all the tiny uninhabited islands that dot around the 4 bigger islands, and you arrive in lovely Friday Harbor, the township.

Drive to the other side of San Juan with a picnic and sit here (photo above) at this public park, on these craggy rocks, spread a few blankets out and watch the sunset. A million-dollar day for about $60 bucks total. Can't beat that. Even better? Cell phone and blackberry reception is total crap on many parts of the island (and most of Orcas Island) so it's an easy way to let the boss know you TRULY cannot respond to anything over the weekend. So if you live in the NW and need an easy getaway, this is it.

Everything books up quickly for summer, so consider booking now:

Roche Harbor
Canvas cabins at Lakedale Resort
Friday Harbor House
Windermere Vacation Rentals
Homestead Orcas Island

Convict and domestic diva, Martha Stewart, has a boyfriend in Seattle, so it's no wonder she visits frequently. She spent Thanksgiving here and posted about it on her blog. You can see her photos of the San Juans HERE, plus more info on the islands.

Martha at Roche Harbor resort (link above).


Anonymous said...

Do you think Martha and her Seattle boyfriend did it like 30 minutes before that picture was taken? Just wondering...

Decorno said...

I think they must have. That's the happiest I have ever seen her.

Anonymous said...

And check out the post-coital hair.

Abbey Goes Design Scouting said...

You are inspiring me -- I need a trip to look forward to in my life. Have I mentioned recently how much I enjoy your blog? Yeah, well I'm a fan!

Melissa H said...

Ooh! Thanks for posting this Decorno-- I'm moving to Seattle/Tacoma in June!

paola said...

Normally I loathe Martha, but she looks so cute and happy there. We went to Orcas Island last August and it was aces.

Decorno said...

Isn't Orcas great? I am going there next month. Can't wait.

Last time I went there, there were these two old guys playing banjos and singing really great old folk/protest songs while on the ferry ride there. And the next day, on the island, I drove past the old grange hall and saw a hand-painted sign that said, you know, "Johnston Brothers Tonight" or something like that and realized they were making their way to Orcas to play for the islanders. You just do not see such cute Americana action like that in a city like Seattle, do you? :)

Alison said...

What a bunch of cunty comments. Jeez. Are you about to graduate from high school? No, wait, maybe you're a GED crowd.

Grow the fuck up

decorno said...

Wow Alison. There were 7 comments here before you posted, and 3 were playful comments about Martha's healthy glow and happy face.

And the other comments were about how lovely San Juan Island is and how others are inspired to plan a trip.

So "what a bunch of cunty comments" seems a little extreme, no?

You sound really grumpy. Are you ok? Do you need some cheering up? Come back soon when you're ready to play nice, k?

jax said...

I personally think that Martha Stewart getting her swerve on is for the betterment of all mankind. That way, she will use her powers for good and not evil.

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