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This totally made my day.

Remember THIS post?

Well, reader Tara left this comment:

I've never left a comment on any blog of a person I don't know, but I've got to say that I've used that fabric (titled "Wranglers")! I made hot pads and a dish towel for a couple of cowboy lovin' ladies I know and they loved them (see them HERE). One has them on display, the other doesn't and both of those choices are fine by me. I've used the same company's shirtless construction worker print ("Heavy Equipment") for boxer shorts and hot pads too and all were big hits. Are they stylish? No. Classy? Uh-uh. Fun and cheer-enducing? You bet!

I am trying to picture Tara trying NOT to laugh as she sews these fabulous hot pads up.
I love Tara already.

Maison 21 - - watch out, because you KNOW you are getting these for your birthday.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

maison21 said...

well, now you've totally made my day too! yippee-ky-yay- i can't wait for my b-day!

great minds think alike- i sent your original post to several of my friends and told them i was having throw pillows made up in that delightful print, as gifts for them!

now that i know they have construction worker print too, i can gift them all with sets- won't they be thrilled?

Anonymous said...

Maison is getting one and I'm not??? I will cutchu so hard, bitch...

Who Sees the Seven... said...

Seriously, who wouldn't want hot strapping (illustrated) cowboys to help them remove hot pans from the oven?

Decorno said...

Anon - M21 gets the hot pads... you, however, I think I will make some hot PANTS for you in this fabric. Honestly, that's the better way to wear this fabric, don't you think? :)

Anonymous said...

Girl, I like the way you think! (I just wish I had the knees to do 'em justice.)

kelly said...


you should start your own business! i would order 10 hot pads for every single one of my trashy friends. :)

i love them! what a great gift!

Kwana said...

Love them! Made my day too!

Tara said...

Oh, my! I says to myself I says, "I'll just pop in on decorno to see what's new and see if anyone commented on my hot pads." I think I'm blushing here on my couch as I type this. Thanks for making MY day!

The construction workers are even campier and they were purchased to make boxer shorts for my manfriend as kind of a joke based on a long sotry. When I stumbled on the fabric, I'm sure I made a mini-scene with gasping and giggling (maybe jumping up and down a little). Ever since that day, I can't help but giggle and smirk when I'm at the fabric store thinking of all the funny things to make boxer shorts out of (wood, bones, rockets, etc.) and making the hot pads is no different.

If I were to make some shorts for myself, I'd probably wear them inside-out!

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