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Sometimes people leave comments on old posts they find through google searches, etc.

I really liked this one that popped up today on THIS old post which asked:

What are the things you don't regret buying? Do you have an impulse or a splurge-y thing you acquired that has stood by you and made you happy ever since? I want to hear about it.

An Anon wrote in to say:

Forgive the slight detour...

Some of the best things in the world are the dvds of Dick Cavett's interviews in the 1970s (available on netflix)--especially where he interviews Kate Hepburn.

Among the many things they talk about is this very question, and Hepburn says to Cavett: always buy an antique that you want. It's never there when you go back, and you always regret losing it.

After hearing this, I decided to see if I agree, and, despite my small budget, whenever I've seen an antique and had the money, I bought it on the spot. Hepburn's right: I *love* the mere sight of these things in my house--especially a Biedermeier armoire that's the most expensive thing I've ever bought for my house.

Everything from a Bertoia chair to a paper bag looks better next to it, and it store *lots* of stuff.

Today was antique & vintage day, with a trip to the Sand Point Antique show (lame... they scheduled it the same weekend as another show which I didn't know about until today and which I hear was MUCH better), and to Pacific Galleries. Photos of dreamy stuff to come (should I be able to get this old digital camera to upload properly. I am having camera issues as described in a previous post.)


Great Dame said...

I love the comment - it's seems to be my own mantra lately as well. Love your site!

Jules said...

I just bought a late 60s/70s dining table and chairs and I love it. It isn't a collector's piece, and does needs a good deal of work (original avocado green upholstery) but it is so anti-McMansion I can't help but smile every time I look at it.

Christine in DC said...

Very true--one of my "things that got away" was a children's book called "The Busy Busy City" that looked to be from the turn of the century. Pre-war at least. I'm not a collector of children's books, but I loved it, but balked at the price. When I went back, alas, it was not there! It's been a lesson to me!

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