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I'd rather be here:

Puglia. Or anywhere in Italy. Or anywhere not involving a spreadsheet.


~M said...

Sigh. I know how you feel. Santorini is my place. It is as beautiful as the pictures (if not more):

I have recurring dreams that I am there. Really, I've woken up and have been blown away by how real the dream is. I always have the dreams when I am pregnant and really can't go traipsing off to the Greek Islands.

muranogirl said...

Right back at you!!!
The picture to the right of my comment is at Baia delle Zagare in northern Puglia near Vieste:

Now if the f***ing dollar would just readjust to a more reasonable exchange rate against the Euro we could all stay there for a week or two...!

Anonymous said...

Thrilled you finally added BrooklynLimestone. YAY! Great blog...

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