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If you like flea markets... much as I do, you will like THIS article and the silly little "interactive" bit on page 2 where you can see more photos and hear audio from the writer.

I was sad to read that what little is left of the Chelsea flea markets (the garage market) is rumored to be closing in November. I've brought home excellent stuff from that old chain-linked formerly-empty lot on 26th. The times are a changin'.

Guess it's time to make my way to Brooklyn on my next trip.


Pigtown-Design said...

I loved the pix of the owners and their new finds.

Decorno said...

Me, too.

I wish someone would start a blog called "Junk I Bought This Weekend" and people would send in their finds... I am truly obsessed with flea market finds and even enjoy seeing what others got.

If Antiques Roadshow would update its format and do Flea Market Roadshow with shorter and more numerous features, that would be awesome.

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