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Perfect white.

Oh man, I just found the most perfect white paint. I've been searching for 3 years (off and on... I mean, I don't search for paint all day. I've got shit to do.).

The loser-y thing is that my beloved Nikon D50 battery is dead and I can't find the f-ing charger. If I could take a photo, I would most certainly show you.

I am painting my kitchen. YES. My kitchen. Finally.

Photo up top? Not my kitchen.

Photo below? My kitchen. (Read about the joys of homeownership HERE.. Please also note the classy black electrical tape holding in the toaster plug.)

The man and I took a trip to Le Lowe's today and got very excited about countertops, sinks, faucets, drawer pulls, subway tiles, and other things I consider hot & pornographic. It was a really good day (for me).


Cote de Texas said...

I can relate to getting all hot and bothered about subway tile and white paint and new drawer pulls. Nothing turns me on more than a gorgeous slab of white carrara marble!!! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Linda said...

Thanks for keeping it real.

coco+kelley said...

you had me at subway tiles. and then cote de texas had to mention carrara marble. such good saturday night porn. can't wait to see the kitchen!

alison said...

So are you going to keep the exact paint color a secret?

I think I put a hand to my chest when I saw today's picture. Beautiful.

Good luck with the remodel.

Decorno said...

It's just regular ol' Lowe's Valspar in a shade called Pale Bloom (7002-8).

studiolo2 said...

I painted our kitchen last year. It was like yours: peeling paint (I think alternating alkyd and latex). It was an ordeal and then some, but all worth it in the end. BTW, if you have to strip anything in there, Peel Away is THE product (believe me, I've tried them all).
BTW, I think that post was the first time I saw your blog. What did you end up doing about those bushes?

Decorno said...

The bushes - nothing yet.

I have a habit of starting 11 projects at once and taking forever to complete them, so my fiance said that once I yank those ghetto shrubs out, something needs to be back in the ground within a week or so. I haven't decided on what to plant instead, so I am in a bit of a stand-off with the offending plants.

If anyone has ideas PLEASE let me know. I love hydrangeas but from what I can tell, they look like hell most of the year.

Alison said...

Boxwood are my go-to friends.
Green-n-glossy year 'round, classic & hardy as horses.
Of the various sizes, I use low ones for trims/borders & taller/thinner style for flanking steps or anchoring.

Hydrangea, (Blue Nikkos & White & pale green) definitely all time faves - I do keep loads of them - love them for structuring and enclosing gardens.

Those bodacious blooms flaunt everything they've got & give it away enthusiastically all summer & early fall....SO, I do find it in myself to forgive them as they simmer down for their rest period.

Some hydrangeas will produce a second flush of blooms if they're pruned lightly after the first flowering.......other than that, we snip ours way down in late fall.

Just stagger other plantings/blooms to take up the slack during your hydrangeas pre & post bloom period.
Around your hydrangeas, lay a dense green ground cover of pachysandra scattered throughout with some Mrs. Moon Pulminaria.
When there's something else to look at the hydrangea don't seem so bare!

what's in a name? said...

Nothing like a fresh new white kitchen!

pve design said...

white hot and milky.
tiles, marble and white paint.
don't stop.

studiolo2 said...

boxwood! Don't get me started! (I have boxwood envy, and it won't do right in my freakin' yard).

Hydrangeas look pretty pitiful (in central VA) from November to late April. I love 'em anyway, but I wouldn't want them fronting my house.

It's hard to know what to do when your brickwork and porch (?) are covered up. Why do you have to have big honking bushes there anyway? Your cute door and that little window on the side are overwhelmed.

Here's a compromise suggestion that can get you through for a while: cut those bushes WAY down. Down to the main trunk (leaving the secondary trunks about three inches long). They look healthy and will most likely grow back pretty. (If you have doubt, check with a local plant nursery.) Then you can see what you've got to work with, while not quite giving up on your bushes yet. Warning: it'll take a year or two for them to look like more than nubs. The trick is not to chicken out and leave long stumps of branches, which will only look worse.

my little apartment said...

can't wait to see photos of your kitchen! i found the perfect white in Behr's Moon Rise and now I want to paint everything.

Anonymous said...

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