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Reader Decorating Dilemma: Going natural without going tiki

Hello Decorno,

I was wondering if I can get a bit of decor advice. I am trying to furnish
a guest room. I have the bed, see link below. The next link is for the
table I would like to use as a night stand.

1- what do think of the concept?
2- if I use one on one side what can I use on the other side?
3- can I use two of the same, one on each side, or would that be too, too?

The room is not small. It has plantation shutters on the window and I am going to add light sheer panels hanging from a bamboo rod. I am also thinking that if I used the branchy table I may decide to paint the branches with some high gloss paint in some interesting color.

Would appreciate your opinion.
P.S. Any ideas for lamps?


See bed HERE:

See table HERE:

Decorno says:

Hmm... a good question. My initial thought is that the natural-on-natural idea will seem too matchy and theme-ish. Then again, if someone shoved me in a guest room with a natural/tiki vibe and actually stocked a minibar with small umbrellas and lots of booze and pink mixer, I would be thrilled - so you might be on to something here.
I like your idea of painting the nightstands to keep it from looking to tiki. But I am still not sold on the nightstands. Let me think a little more about this. I will also post it tonight and get more ideas from the crowd.

Can you send in a photo of the room?

Hi D,

Very grateful for your prompt response. I am  glad I had a momentary flash of neuronal activity and thought to ask because you gave voice to the concern that was lurking in the back of my head about the room ending up like some kind of  theme-park hotel. Tiki may be a good concept for a lanai but here in Northern Virginia it could easily turn into tacky . In any case, I would love to hear ideas that you or your readers might have. I don't have a pic of the room at the moment but will try to provide one.

Thanks again,



bradford said...

Hey hey, Decorno: how'd you get Cat Power to accompany your blog? Is that some new feature from blogger?

PS--I loved reading about your recent shopping experiences in Seattle. Did you buy anything? Please post your purchases! (Or even, if possible, your almost-purchases!)

decorno said...

Bradford.... I can't post photos at the moment because I lost my battery charger for my Nikon D50 and it has a stupid proprietary battery... anyhoo... a new one is on the way and once I can power the thing, I will upload my shopping photos.

Cat Power & the other music is made possible by a little widget you can build here:

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She's a great DJ.

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