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Sand Point Antique and Design Market this Sunday in Seattle

The last one... not great. The one last spring? Awesome. Let's hope it gets back into its groove.

If you live in the Seattle area, it's worth checking out.

Sunday the 6th at Magnuson Park 7400 Sandpoint way NE. Antiques, collectibles, garden furniture, ornaments, planters, primitives, native american indian art, jewelry and more. 8:00 early entry, 10:00 general entry. Probably $10 admission early/$8 regular.


Meg said...

This sounds super-cool, and yet... I've read your post toooo late to actually go. And also, I lack the will today to do much of anything at all (except, okay, for a morning coffee and pain au chocolat run to Cafe Besalu).

Decorno said...

Oh meg, you didn't miss anything. It was really disappointing. Some cute stuff, but I had way more luck at Pacific Galleries, which is open every day and doesn't charge admission.

Meg, I added your link to my blog. I love finding other Seattle bloggers, so thanks for leaving a comment.

Dennis Eros said...

Every Sand Point Antique & Design Market is different. I have heard comments, from both dealers and buying public, such as, Great, Sensational and "Please, whatever you do, don't stop this Market."

Dennis Eros,

decorno said...

Very true! I am generally not disappointed at all by Sand Point.

It's very hard to find information online about this show. Do you plan to start a blog or website with current info? I am always looking forward to the next one.

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