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Drink of the Week: Jimboni

So, a few posts ago, I decided I would break out of my vodka/tonic rut and try a new drink. I opted for Lillet. (See HERE.)

Lillet has since brought so much joy to my life I decided I needed to branch out more regularly. The happy side affect is that it's going to help me stock the bar.

So, since I recently bought Campari, I decided this weeks drink will be the Jimboni, suggested by The Quarter Rat (see his blog HERE.

The liquor store yesterday was an afterthought... only when there did I realize I needed to start my Drink of the Week and I didn't have ingredients on me. I asked the guy at the store, and he went to his computer to look it up. After much computer trouble and a long delay, he returned with a sheet of paper in his hands. I looked at the tiny type on the big white page and said, "Is that it?" It was only 3 ingredients. He replied, "Yes. And it doesn't even look that good." Ha! I cracked up. (As you can see in the photo I went with Dry Fly over Hendricks gin because I hear it's the first distillery in Washington state since prohibition. Gotta support local drunks.)

I think Jim's version might be great.

Jim posted this:
As far as Negronis go,they're too sticky for my taste. Try this alternate recipe for a nice dry but fruity summer cocktail:

The Jimboni (Jimbo's Negroni)

Mix equal parts Campari and gin (for this I use either Gordon's or Tanqueray) and the juice of 1/2 to whole lemon (depending on season) with peel - the oil is important - in a cocktail shaker, stir lightly, let sit. Don't shake. Ever.

Coat the inside of a cocktail glass with sweet vermouth, then rub edge of glass with lemon twist. Pour contents of shaker in glass.

(watch out, they're pretty lethal!)


Drinking will commence at 7pm. I will report back on the drink of the week promptly.

This is Jim's pug Etta... had to post her, being a pug owner myself. So damn cute.

**UPDATE** - - Weird and bitter (it's Campari after all), but quite interesting. I like it. More lemon juice. Lots. That makes it terrific. I would like it more if it were hot as hell here in Seattle. It's not. This will be a good August drink.

I like drinks that are NOT like cosmos and other bullshit that women drink. Drinking this made me think of Manhattans, which are totally chic and will knock you on your ass. As seen in that fabulous movie with Linda Fiorentino, The Last Seduction. I believe next week's drink will be a Manhattan and will require an encore presentation of that fine film.


Cote de Texas said...

1st comment? wow - that's a first! Have you ever tried Apple Martinis? That's my drink. I know it's sissy, but it's just such a gorgeous drink - the color! and it's so refreshing - it just tastes so good on a hot day - with a cherry. Try it one time.

maison21 said...

etta, and her big, pink tongue are adorable.

Reggie said...

So I am most definitely going to try this one. Am in a bit of a (gin) martini rut, but belive me I'm not complaining, just interested in alternatives! A good friend of ours also has a black pug named Etta, in honor of the soul singer Etta James. I have a fawn pug named Chester who is king of the castle, turns 9 tomorrow but still looks like a boy. Only cocktail he enjoys is Baileys, which he adores. Try it on yours, I'm sure they'll feel the same way.

Sarah's Fab Day said...

I'm dying to try the Lillet, I think that you have spawned a trend. All of us bloggers are chomping at the bit to try it. I'm on the wagaon for the next week, (I hate it when I have try to look skinny for something)so I think for my reward myself cocktail Friday night I might try one of the yummy conncoctions.

the quarter rat said...

I'm with my family in (oh, so dry!) KY gagging for a drink. No, my family is not from the part of the state famous for bourbon.

p.s. I didn't name the drink after myself - after I came up with the recipe (10-12 years ago) people at the bar where I hung out started asking for Negronis "like Jimbo drinks them." Eventually someone (who?) came up with Jimboni, and the name stuck.

Anonymous said...

Sounds yummy...can't wait to see what next weeks drink is!

the quarter rat said...

I'm glad you liked it - and have to say that you're a pretty good bartender to figure out the lemon juice ratio. I always have to coach new bartenders on this.

They really ARE warm-weather drinks, but then Seattle in August is probably like NOLA in May.

jamie meares said...

yes, that is my drink of choice! (manhattan) with extra cherry juice to help ease into the being knocked on ass.


so classy.

Anonymous said...

Linda Fiorentino: She deserved a better career.

Decorno said...

Jamie - you kill me. I be your father in law loves you.

Anon - Amen.

Anonymous said...

Jamie and Decorno sound like twins separated at birth!

Easy and Elegant Life said...

As long as you've got the Campari, try pairing it with fresh orange juice over ice. Good for the afternoons.

Anonymous said...

Also good for the PTA meetings.

Anonymous said...

for a wonderfully refreshing, hot summer day drink try a gin and tonic with a large wedge of lime. my family taught me how to make them when i was 4 or 5 (seriously). the trick is to go heavy on the gin (duh). prepare to fall in love.


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