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Great book...

No text, just photos organized by ideas (pots... water... gates... paths... fences.... steps... and so on...). Was quite a handy reference when I needed to explain what I liked and didn't like. Good ideas to steal. A little more traditional, so if you're an Etsy/mod kind of girl, you can skip it.

(PS - thanks Mom! It was the perfect birthday gift!)

You can buy it HERE, of course.


Sneaky Chic said...

Yay! Books with pictures are so much better than books with words!

my little apartment said...

perfect! just as i'm starting to freak out because i dont know a lick about how gardens and yards should look...POOF!

you're like a genie...a genie in a blogger.

...ohhhh, that was bad.

pve design said...

take a look at "Garden People" - you will love the photos. A must for your backyard project and photo shoot when it is all transformed.

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