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I don't wear flats.

But now I am seriously reconsidering.

When I posted about shows (scroll down two posts) someone asked in the comments section what I would recommend for flats.

I don't wear a lot of flats because I am a shrimp (5' 2") and I know I lose about 90% of my awesome superpowers when I am not wearing heels. That said, I think there are a ton of cute flats out there. And since you asked, dear reader, here you go:

Sam Edelman
Sam Edelman makes flats that have the same kind of design interest that you'd usually see in a pump. So cute. And when fashion types say "day-to-night" or "work-to-weekends" this is what they mean (or should, anyway...).

Nine West "Lovable"
Satin. Yep. You can wear satin for day. It's cute.

Enzo "Cameron"
I love the rough edges with the glammed-up shine on this shoe. I bet they look very fetching with denim.

Vince Camuto "Capital"
I like the Jackie O/Roger Vivier/Mod vibe on these. These aren't just flats... this is Fashion. Capital F.

Nine West Kapow
I *guarantee* you that if you wear these out for a few hours shopping, you will get compliments. Do you even know how these are going to sparkle in the sun? Heart-stopping. I am buying a pair for myself. Now.

Sam Edelman Colette
It also comes in a cute pewter version. Although if you're an Anthropology kind of chick, this sunny yellow will go with that explosion of color that is your closet, you ric-rac-loving modern bohemian, you.

Big fan of this brand. And this color? Adorable. Like wearing the sky on your feet.

Pour La Victoire
This new brand turns out real stunners. I used to think of them only for pumps, until I just spotted this. I *know* you are thinking "$250 for a FLAT?" Yes. Worth. Every. Penny. I mean, look at it. Yum.

If you need a true grocery-getter shoe (something you throw on when you run to the store... something with traction and flex), I would go for Privo. But...

WARNING: Wear with your Lululemon cropped workout pants and zip-up hooded yoga jacket at risk of looking too suburban.

TIP: Wear with your hair pulled back, classic white woven cotton shirt with sleeves rolled up, an arm full of silver skinny bangles, substantial silver hoops, big-ass sunglasses, and some rocking denim, and you'll be the hottest bitch in the produce aisle (and your feet will thank you).

Dolce Vita "Bali 1" I think this is super cute. In fact, just browse all DOLCE VITA sandals. They are all yummy.

There are quite nearly a bazillion other really good options for you... just check the flats category and the sandal category. And lets you select your desired heel height, which makes it really easy to find non-ankle-breakers that your doctor will approve of.

Let us know what you get.


Anonymous said...

Yup, it was me who asked. I've been checking back here almost hourly since I made the post; half hopeful and half mortified that I had to ask someone else to select my footwear because I am fashion-retarded.

Thank you SO MUCH for the beautiful suggestions! I don't have great style to begin with and this health issue has thrown a spanner into the already shaky works. You are my Clinton. Really, D - thank you.

Perhaps once/ week you could do an online shopping post. Like, every Monday, choose 5 bags/ jackets/ shoes/ whatevers that you think rock and that can be bought via the internet. Because, sad but true, I'd buy what you recommended.

Jules said...

Awesome post, D. You know what else is awesome? I saw those Privo flats and dismissed them as too momish (my whole wardrobe is like that already) and then you described in detail an outfit I could easily wear and still look stylish.

Seriously consider Anonymous' suggestion.

Now you just need to pretty the whole package up with some photoshop.

Anonymous said...

No one writes about fashion like Decorno. She is peerless.

Decorno said...

Aw shucks...

Here's my confession:

I don't wear a lot of "fashion." Apparel, I mean.

Either it's too obvious, too complicated, too skinny for my squat body, or just too flash-in-the-pan that I refuse to wear some "it" dress/tunic/leggings because I worry it will just be a waste of money in 3 months when certain fashion magazines insult us by telling us it's out (even though they were so adamant that we needed it just 3 months ago. Ah, fashion...)

So, I obsess over shoes and handbags because, well, they always fit. And because you can trick out basics (black dresses, black tops, good jeans, white woven button-down shirts, etc etc) with a whole mash up of interesting bags, shoes, and earrings.

I am glad you guys liked the post. I'll try to write about good fashion finds every week now that I know it won't cause yawning all around (except you, Anonymous Hardware Guy. Sorry man! You'll just have to skim the fashion posts as I am sure you already do...)

Anonymous said...

I see on this "Cynthia Vincent" which I've never heard of before. I like how the photos look; do you know anything about this brand? Merci!

Jules said...


But that's why you're good. I'm not interested in fashion, either, for the same reasons. I don't have the body or the wallet to dress how "they" tell me to--but you proved to me I can still dress stylish and do the boring things I do day-to-day.

Decorno said...

Cynthia Vincent is GREAT. The shoes are well made and very cool. She does apparel first (that's her primary thing... the shoes came after).

Decorno said...

Thanks Jules :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful. Thanks to your rousing endorsement, a pair of loden CV Jenna flats have just now been virtually tossed into my virtual shopping basket...

Anonymous said...

Oh Great Shoe Oracle:

It seems as though royal/ electric blue is popping up everywhere. Is this the next "it" color?

Are people still wearing gladiator sandals?

It has been pointed out in previous posts that even the most staunchly middle-class amongst us has grown accustomed to buying $300+ shoes and returning $400+ handbags because they look cheap to our luxe-trained eyes. So will people snigger and point when I turn up wearing my Chinese-made $50ish satin Lovable shoes? I'm only half-kidding. I truly worry that as I push ever-closer to 40 years- old, wearing inexpensive shoes might just look a bit unkempt/undignified and, oh, like that granny who insists on sporting a Juicy tracksuit (she inspires a pang of embarrassment every time I see her and I feel like hollering, please get some self-respect, old girl!)

Jennifer said...

I have been stalking Dolce Vita for a while now. I'll take your post that I should pull the trigger and buy the damn things already.

Decorno said...

Anon: re gladiators. YES. But they are hot right now, so if you want them, do not delay. Get some stat and enjoy the trend sooner than later because the clock it ticking on that trend. (I do like them... not on me.)

I think I might be too short to pull them off, so my version of this trend is here:

Also - the whole expensive shoe thing.. I think it depends. If you like fashion and are always buying trends, I think it's fine to buy modestly prices shoes and then recycle them off later. But for me (32) my closets are so tiny in this old house that upon purging them, I realized I don't have the room to indulge disposable purchases... so I try to splurge on shoes so that I know I can wear them for quite some time before they (a) go out of style and (b) wear out. It works for me.

I think the key is that we always need something appropriate in our 30s and 40s and beyond. And for grocery-getting and the beach, that might be a cheap, cute pair of sandals. But for business meetings and going out to dinner, I think a woman needs at least a few serious pairs of shoes... shoes that she's proud to have on her feet; shoes that live up to you. It's one of the joy of adulthood, being able to afford serious clothes and shoes now and then.

Jennifer - you should get the Dolce Vitas asap. They are always so cute and will bring joy to your life immediately.

-The Shoe Oracle

Anonymous said...

oh decorno....ever since you started advertising for random things IN THE BODY OF your content (don't think we haven't noticed) can no longer be trusted. It seems like only yesterday you were smack-talking anything even remotely Nine-West-y....and now.

You have failed to draw a line here, and it has put your once explosive branding propensity - not to mention your credibility - in serious peril.

Anonymous said...

*sigh* I knew that this thread was too good to be true. Some Anon always has to intrude with his/her mean-spirited commentary.

I asked D a question about flats since I have a temporary health concern that means I must eschew heels. To her CREDIT, she didn't insist that for the next few months I have to hobble around in $500 investment pieces which will end up never being worn again once my body is back to rights.

D instead selected the best of the cheapest, acknowledging that they are better suited to the beach or grocery shopping than to Serious Business. These are the kind of items I can acquire without breaking the bank, and can pass along to Goodwill without a qualm once the summer is over.

In my opinion, Decorno has demonstrated versatile thinking and a refreshing sense of practicality that people working in fashiony fields often lack.

Forever Chic said...

Awesome recommendations, Decorno! You have great taste.

Anonymous said...

The 'advertising' comment wasn't admonishing cheap(er) shoes, as I am an advocate for affordable fashion at all times.

The comment was about how D has recently and very blatantly begun taking advertising money for hawking random items on her blog. Now, I don't begrudge anyone their right to make money off of a blog (it's a huge investment of time and effort, and I get that). But putting those 'advertisements' in the content of the blog compromises the blogger/blog-reader relationship (but more importantly, creates a sucky blog!)

BTW, I'm just an average reader who has noticed the recent infiltration of these 'advertorials'.

marlazz said...

Decorno -- I try to quit you, but you keep pulling me back in. I swear you are reading my mind. On a good day I'm 5'0, yet haven't worn flats out of the house unless I'm on my way to the gym or yoga.

BUT... I am going to Paris in July and comfy footwear will be most important. If only these shoes are as available in Canada! My boot-camp and former marathon running punished arches need support! Lucky for me I was blessed by the shoe gods recently and scored these gold Privos for $40 at Winners (the Cdn TJMaxx):

Now I proudly wear the Privos all over town, with my Lululemons, bought-on-sale white Gap Philip Lim shirt, enamel gold bangles and yes, my standard issue soccer mom Coach ergo while I cruise the aisles of No Frills and Costco. Yeah, I look suburban, but it's time to admit that's what I am. My feet have never been happier.

I'm now searching for a second pair of flats, something a little dressier.

BTW, I agree with anon 8:00pm, do a weekly online shopping post. And next, do bags pls. Thanks decorno!

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm a guy, so this is probably stupid, but:

Those Steve Madden strappy things: Don't all those straps hurt? Or at least annoy/irritate/call attention to themselves? I mean, ow.

Jules said...

Does Decorno accept advertisement money from I don't see that anywhere on her site, and I think Decorno would be the first to admit whether something was an advertorial. Most bloggers do right off the bat before the post begins, and usually in italics.

She's in the shoe business. Why the hell wouldn't she write about shoes? I'm not trying to be argumentative, I just don't see the problem with her last two shoe posts.

birdy said...

Damn you, Decorno. Damn you.

Stop posting such cute shoes. My wallet can't take it.

And to anonymous at 12:03, this is D's blog, and she can do whatever the hell she wants with it.

Decorno said...

Yep. That Anon was totally right. I am making a shit-ton of money from this blog. I am sooooo rich from it. I am definitely getting paid for the content of my posts. I mean, who wouldn't pay me to write about 2 measly design books? Or a few pairs of shoes? And that flameless candle from Target? I made like $10,000 for that post.

All this blogging business has really paid off. I am rich now. Totally rich.

Anonymous said...

"you were smack-talking anything even remotely Nine-West-y"

Not buying it, Anon 1:56.

I've seen Decorno bemoan, say, flip-flops, or wearing hiking boots to work, but I've never seen her put down an entire brand, like Nine West, because of some "class" or price-point snobbery.

Your characterization doesn't ring true.

Anonymous said...

Short girls (like myself) should only wear flats if they've been blessed with incredible legs. And with the amount of Haterade that's sipped around here, I have the feeling you should stay away.

Anonymous said...

That Decorno, she's a tricky one! I'm not saying you're making a shit-ton...but whatever it is (pennies, half-pennies, stale circus peanuts), this experiment is having a negative impact on your normally impeccable content.

That's all.

Decorno said...


I have never been paid for the content of my blog. I have one paid ad on my blog (Blue Bell Bazaar) because this person has twice asked if I would, and I finally said yes. I don't plan on taking any more ads because I don't need the money.

If you don't like this blog, you should simply say that. Instead, you keep stating something that is baseless and incorrect.

Please go annoy people on another blog.

Anonymous said...

The one thing Decorno is not is "tricky." I know her, and know your accusation to be false.

That's all.

Anonymous said...

Love all of the shoe advice. I'd love to say more, but I am holding my tongue...I am however, looking into having some "Team Decorno" t-shirts printed...

Joanna Goddard said...

so cute! i love love love flats and wear them all the time. so cute and french looking!

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