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I want this.

I really want THIS. But I have no use for it. My house is enough of a project. I need to remind myself that I don't, in fact, run a shelter for neglected and abused chairs and settees (as much as I would love to...).


Anonymous said...

It's interesting to see a chair with that kind of woodwork that is NOT painted white. That would be the big temptation--to paint it white, or give it a pickled finish.

It's pretty. Do you have a chair in your bedroom? This could work there.

Decorno said...

I actually have a pretty bitchin' low "Danish" chair (it's actually Italian, acording to some mark underneath) that I scored at a flea market. I have been meaning to post it and ask for fabric advice because I need to recover the cushions.

I couldn't make some of my older "modern" stuff work in the house and that chair has lived in limbo for a while, but I think I am ready to commit to it. Except... that little turquoise number is tempting me...

decisions, decisions.

So, would you paint this chair? if so, what color? Let's play dress-up with the thing.

Jules said...

Buy it, fix it, sell it: it's my husband's new motto. He can't help but buy neglected chairs with good bones. Now he knows that if he can't part with something in our house he has to turn around and sell it. He's working on one right now that he got at a garage sale for $15.

coast said...

Love the chair. I would paint it white or black and reupholster the seat in a fab peter dunham textile. it is something you would expect to see in his shop or in one of his projects.

pve design said...

oh, now please go back and get that chair before it is gone. Great painted a high gloss black or navy with white monogrammed cushion.

Jules said...

Oh! I like Patricia's idea of painting it navy.

Anonymous said...

I do too. Or maybe one small step lighter than navy.

Inspired, PVE!

traci said...

Decorno, you find super fabulous items on eBay!! Perhaps you would be so kind as to tell us what searches you generally run to look for these things? I'll let you in on my secret in return - I use to put in my high bid ahead of time and it bids for me in the last few seconds of the auction!

Decorno said...

Hi Traci -

Here are my favorite ebay search terms:

Hollywood Regency (to which I will often add a keyword to the search like lamp, table, chair, gilt, bamboo, etc to narrow down the search)

Trifari pendant neclace (because I am obsessed with this vintage jewelry and it's super inexpensive)

Paul McCobb




Dries Van Noten


Lanvin handbag (cuz I am trolling for a certain small handbag from this label...)

If I think of others, I will post them.

"Hollywood Regency" - while a bit abused by sellers - is generally a good search because the people selling them tend to be design-y types or at least know what decornophiles like us are looking for.

traci said...

Thanks, Decorno!

Betsy said...

I understand your plight. I too create more work for myself. The little design bug in me NEVER stops buzzing. If you LOVE the chair, you should get it now and deal with it when you are not in the mood to paint trim or install crown moulding.

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