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I'm pooped.

Does it make me a bad dog owner that I just put a Kong stuffed with cheese in front of my dog to give me five peaceful moments to blog?

So, tonight was the blogger panel event at Velocity Art & Design. Whoo boy! There were so many of you. I had visions of maybe 5 people showing up and then we would sit in a circle and talk like we're at Narc-Anon. But no! It was like Donahue!

I met Tula of Whorange. And I am SURE you can imagine we bonded over having weird/combo/dirty blog names. I love her already. Now you can, too.

I also met Mary of Shelterrific, Paola of Mirror Mirror, and Megan from Not Martha, the other guests/speakers of the event. I like these broads.

I will have a much better recap tomorrow of the event, specifically, what it takes to write a blog that gets traffic. I am not sure I am the expert on that (I would say Megan is... she gets loads of traffic...) but for what it's worth, all secrets will be revealed tomorrow.

John - you make an excellent Donahue! Now we just need to find you a big, fabulous, retro mic, and a starchy blue suit, and it will be game-on, friend.


Uncle Beefy said...

Gosh, Elaine! Took you long enough to post about The Lab event ;) Wow! You don't waste any time do ya'? Thanks for a great night with your info and your sasstastic wit and charm! You all did a great job and it felt like our own lil' Sex & The City panel with the four of you up there :) Thanks again!

tula said...

darling, you are a star! i'll get my decor on with you anytime. xoxo

Habitually Chic said...

How exciting! I can't wait to hear all about it!

eM said...

thanks for sharing all your opinions and experiences.
I LOVED it when you said "if my blog disappears tomorrow, I'll just start again"
I am now your newest stalker

decorno said...

Ha! I forgot I said that.

I absolutely meant it, though. This thing is only as good as today's post (and that's not usually anything that needs to be saved for posterity!)

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