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Jamie Mears is NOT happy with you, Kristin Van Ogtrop.

Jamies Mears is NOT HAPPY. Read it HERE.

Or just read it here:

read this letter written by kristin van ogtrop from the june real simple. (click on image to see full size...)

and then think about what she just wrote. and published. in a magazine.

if i really was ignorant enough to do this, i’d be embarrassed to tell it.

kristin. its 2008. we don’t fill up dumpsters with "stuff" until they are full, and then RECOMMEND it to others as THRILLING.

you're not a construction worker. you aren't demolishing something. its not ground zero. there's no rubble to remove.

there is absolutely no excuse for having enough things you cannot DONATE, RECYCLE, REUSE, or otherwise do something else with- to fill up a dumpster in your driveway.

its so irresponsible.

an editor's letter sets the tone for the issue. its a (much sought after) forum to offer advice, set an example, and encourage your readers to apply the things found in the magazine to their own lives.

kristin, if everyone of your readers filled up a dumpster, do you know how much shit would go sit in a landfill?

where do you think it goes? or does it not matter, as long as its not in YOUR basement.

the whole article is sickeningly bourgeoise.
i'm not suggesting she go hug a tree, but really?
(or maybe those were tossed out too in the scorched earth clean up)

I heart Jamie. But I would NOT cross her.


Gjelly said...

I used to love the fact that one day a year in my town people would throw their junk out to the curb and the city would pick it up. I thought it was a brilliant idea. And then I realized the junk went straight to the landfill. Bad news. What a great response to the editorial.

Suzy said...

Well she's right. It really is downright irresponsible. Even if she's not an editor of a widely read magazine. People in the "civilized" western world should be setting examples for the rest of the world, and dumping your unwanted shit into a dumpster - rather than donate or recylce as Jamie suggests - is just bloody scary. I suppose she thinks that electricity and gas for her car is unlimited too?

Jessie said...

Decs, I totally thought of you and the Domino sitch from a little while back when I read Jamie's post today. I wonder if Kristin will catch a peek!

I smell a green issue of Real Simple coming up!

pve design said...

decorno & isuwanee do not fall from the same tree.
each of you are distinct, unique and when you are not happy, it is like my favorite line- "when mamma ain't happy, nobody happy."
oh boy, put up those dukes and stand up and fight and we will cheer you on! ding!
wonder if that dumpster is full, maybe some trash to treasures there!

pve design said...

oh, sorry, "thelma & louise" comes to mind with the two of you- "decorno & isuwanee"
joy ride to that dumpster people!

ANdy said...

ummm.. did you not read the article properly - she is throwing out useless construction material and mice riddled boots and such like. I agree, maybe some of the stuff could be put into recycling (plastics, timber etc..) but i think some of you may need a slight reality check - we don't all order a dumpster but we do use a garbage bin every day and through away unusable items...she is not satan you know just someone who had to write a monthly editorial and may have been a bit desperate for a topic...i mean really the whole ed.letter is a bit lame really!

Andy said...

Andy again...i should be a bit more thorough on my spell-checking - should be 'throw', not 'through'. Oh all those wasted years at university studying english literature..I lament. Great blog by the way - gives me a laugh every day here Sydney (Australia) and makes me appreciate that some americans can be bitchy and sarcastic - two very undervalued attributes in my opinion. Keep it up!

i suwannee said...

that's funny. wonder where she got a WHOLE DUMPSTER FULL of mice riddled boots and construction material.

let's do a house tour! apartment therapy --get on it. i'd love to see the ORGANIZED home that spawns mice and rooms full of leftover pipe.

Anonymous said...


Your dogged literalness is not helping your cause.

Clearly, the woman meant "THINGS LIKE useless pieces of pipe and mice-riddled boots." Come on.

Households with multiple people, especially those having gone through renovations, do accumulate genuine trash, good for nothing but disposal.

She should have acknowledged other ways to clean house, I agree.

angela said...

I can forgive her for throwing away a dumpster of junk.

But how come no one's mentioning her flippant use of "scorched earth"? When I think "scorched earth", I think Mayan villages burned and decimated during the genocides in Guatemala, or the expulsion of two million Palestinians to make room for Israel.

Not to ruin the fun, design-blog thing we've going on here....but you know, I wouldn't say I'm planning a holocaust on my laundry this weekend.

Anonymous said...

if you read the magazine each month like I do, you'll see that in her letters Kristin doesn't claim to be the most organized person in the world... more like she is one of us, who could use a little help from a magazine like RS, once in a while. That's the appeal, for me.

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