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The mystery remains.

Where is Agathe?

Fashion bloggers are addicted. You might remember here HERE.

But she's gone.

Maybe not gone (because someone reports below that she's logged into Facebook and approved some friend requests), but she's not blogging anymore and has basically gone missing.

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Eye Eclectic
Fashion Haley
The Coveted
Since we are decor freaks more than we are fashion freaks, I thought you would enjoy THIS post of hers, since it combines the two loves.

I hope she just gave the finger to blogging for a while and is doing just fine.


birdy said...

I'm green with envy. I've been dying to find a mirror just like that.

It should be mine . . . MINE!

*sobs quietly, and collapses on computer keyboard*

Anonymous said...

Hey I have been worried too. It's like she went to Stockholm for a weekend and something bad happened. I'm glad I'm not the only one....I hope everything is okay.

pve design said...

Is there a blogging police to solve the mystery?

Jules said...

She said those figurines were for a future nursery. Maybe she's pregnant, bloated, and staring at the business end of a toilet most of the day.

Anonymous said...

One of the other fashion bloggers that you posted notes that her husband has taken down his blog. Why did this immediately make me think she came home from her Stockholm weekend and found him with someone else? He took the photos of her. There's something amiss there.... and I'm completely fascinated.

Eye Eclectic said...

I hope nothing too terrible or life changing has occurred to make Agathe stop blogging. It is weird to miss someone you don't even know, but I really enjoyed her style updates. Hopefully she is just taking a break.

alis said...

I felt completely uninspired to blog when my grandmother passed away and took a long-ish break, but I truly hope that something fascinating and great happened to her that blogging is no longer a priority.. Like a new great job, baby, whatever..


her blg is down now. i hope everythings ok.

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