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Opening day.

Tomorrow is "opening day" of boating season here in Seattle. What you see above is an ariel view of boats lined up from the Montlake Cut, a little passage for boats between Lake Union and Lake Washington. Tomorrow the University of Washington (you are looking at Husky Stadium up there) will host the Windermere Cup regatta, which will zip right through that cut and through those boats you see lined up.

I live about 5 blocks from this hot mess and have never bothered to check it out. For some reason I am super excited to walk down to the cut and see it tomorrow.

I grew up in Portland, Oregon. What I did not fully realize when I moved here (by way of glamorous Alameda, CA) is what a coastal kind of place it is here. Pretty much a day doesn't go by when you don't see or hear a seaplane flying over our neighborhood heading for Lake Union. A number of houses a few blocks over (closer to the cut) have row boats or kayaks parked in the their driveways. The Seattle Yacht Club is a short walk away, and now that opening day is nearing, the number of boats anchored there is swelling up every day. Seatte, incidentally, has the highest boat ownership per capita of any US city. If you have ever been here you probably know it's hard to get anywhere without crossing water of some kind.

So, tomorrow I plan to fully embrace a bit of Seattle life by watching the races from the cut. Seattleites: the race starts at 10:20. Get there early to get a spot on the cut.


pve design said...

great message in a bottle. a seattle bottle.

Anonymous said...

Just got back from our prime spot on the cut. The bloody marys were fabulous, but once again the weather was crappy. I don't know what I would do if we ever had nice weather on Opening Day. Let summer begin!

Decorno said...

As I stood there bouncing around trying to stay warm, with my gloves on, holding a cup of hot coffee, I had to remind myself it was MAY. Oy.

Having never seen the whole event before, I must say - it's all really charming. I am definitely going next year.

The tiny steam-powered wooden boats were a crack up. Pretty menacing horn-blowing for those small boats. All bark, no bite. :)

Brilliant Asylum said...

Sitting here in landlocked Atlanta, I am green with envy. It's at least 4.5 hours to the nearest seashore.

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