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As everyone who has been following along this weekend knows, I am hellbent (one word? a word at all??) on getting my backyard in shape for all 4 days of summer here in Seattle.

Bluestone, flagstone, flatstone... I am not sure what is best. Joni is losing sleep over me even considering bluestone, so I might avoid that. Other people like the idea.

I don't really know my stone, so, I need to do more research. If you have suggestions - and especially - photos... I would really appreciate it.

For now... I like this stone business in the photos up top. Courtesy of Canadian House & Home (America's Hat, y'all!).

What do we think?


muranogirl said...

I really, really like that!
The door paint in your previous post is lovely. No grass growing under your feet!

Anonymous said...

What is that stone in the pic? It reflects light and has a shiney quality: grays, and touches of brick hue also come through. I like this lighter or mottled stone to lighten up your space. Your brick is intense and fairly dark....nice to bring light to your yard, especially in Seattle. Bluestone is pretty dark and does flake in very cold weather. Although beautiful, especially in modern settings, there is a blue-ish grey cast. I love your brick and would like to see it enhanced. I'm with Joni on this one. The magazine should give you a resource. Good luck and by the looks of'll be ready for those 4 days of summer. Charlie's G'ma said...

Stone - Yes -but something with an organic shape to the edge- not just a rectangle like in the top photo - too much geometric with the brick and the facade of the house. I do love the color on the bottom photo. Was hoping for something more along those lines for your door/trim. A dulled greeny-gold.
C2 - Plantain would punch nicely off that brick. I like the idea of the built in cement planters - especially if they have a nice capstone on top - that way you have extra seating for the casual leaners at the party.
Also - I am seeing something with a gnome - large painted off white - with some moss growing on it....somewhere out past the table.

Jessie said...

I don't know if you have this problem in Seattle, but in AZ (where I grew up) we had flagstone in our backyard and it gets REALLY REALLY hot when it gets a lot of direct sunlight. Might not be a problem for swanky-sandal-wearing adults that I imagine in your backyard, but is a nightmare for little ones who like to run around barefoot! FYI.

Anonymous said...

Just don't do stone AND brick. It's fussy.

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