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Well, aren't you generous!

I bet you will enjoy your lovely weekend even more knowing that you gave a little to help those in need right now in China and Myanmar.

Lucky for lazy, blog-addicted sloths like you and me, Amazon makes giving to the Red Cross super easy (and no, they don't take a cut of your cash).

Donate HERE using your Amazon account (so you don't have to re-enter your credit card and all that silliness).


~M said...

Thank you for posting this!

hello, gorgeous! said...

Decorno - you're awesome for doing this! I don't want to say anything negative when your heart is totally in the right place, but I made my donation to AmeriCares because 98.7 percent of money collected actually goes to the cause. Unfortunately, Red Cross and United Way have huge overheads and don't always use the money as intended (at least Red Cross). I remember reading this (it seems like some lunatic fringe website, but still):

(I had to break the link to get it to fit in the comment section)

To donate:

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