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Fabric for my chair.

LS Fabrics Diamante

I bought this chair a while back and still haven't done anything with it. I am in no hurry, as I have a few other projects to tackle first, but I have been trying to figure out a punchy fabric that won't annoy me in 2 years. Here are a few that I am liking:

LS Fabrics Lattice
Not really good for my chair, but I like to see options other than "Imperial Trellis" since that fabric is everywhere already.

LS Fabrics Erin Linen Glazed in Parrot

This fabric is totally badass.

LS Fabrics Erin Glazed in Seaspray

Oh Fiorentina... you'll always be mine.

Che Domino, another Hicks winner.

(All fabrics not already credited are either Schumacher or Lee Joffa. I am too lazy to build a bunch of links.)

I am SO NOT a fabric expert, so let me ask you guys:

1) What should people know about fabric when selecting for an upholstery project?

2) What are the best online resources for fabric based on your personal experience?

3) Any stories about upholstery project successes or regrets? Tips and tricks?


katiedid said...

Liking all of your choices here...especially the black and white. They will work with any accent color (say a pillow in any of the solids). You could do the welting in an accent color too. Great chair!

Leslie (Miss Havisham) said...

if you do not choose one of the black and whites I will not speak to you for exactly 1 year.

Decorno said...

I think it's either the Hicks Che Domino or the big B&W chevron/zig zaggy one.

I need a chair with a personality as big as mine. Either of those should do it.

Plus, I want to remain on speaking terms with you, Leslie. :)

katiedid - I think you are so right about a punchy, colorful solid pillow.

I am glad I am on the right track. I knew you guys would murder me if I picked something lame.

simply seleta said...

Well first, determine the functionality of your piece. Will this be a chair frequently used or is it more of an occasional piece? If it's used quite frequently, you may consider one of the higher end outdoor fabrics or such as Perennials, LuLu or Lee Jofa. Is your chair near a window? If so, also consider outdoor, as those fabrics will not fade.

Select something that has good body and feels comfortable against your skin. Steer away from velvets, as they will show marks over time.

Personally, I like the F. Schumacher zig zag or Fiorentina. However, the small arm pieces may look strange when upholstered in a large print. It's always an option to use a solid fabric and place a pillow on it in one of your stronger patterns. If that's the case, try using nailheads instead of welt for serious impact.

Be careful with the glazed Parrot by LS. I have that one and it has a sheen to it, plus it may show markings from getting on and off chair.

Anonymous said...

Love the black and home is filled with it. I'm fickle abt. accessories... too many great things come along the pike. With blk and wht, you can punch in your color de jour. I did pillow ticking (10 yrs ago) and a lot of white linen slips. Changing the punch is still a great thrill. Pillows for pop! I cannot tell you enough, the fun I get from your's like meat and potatoes with lots of dessert. Charlies G'ma

erika @ urban grace said...

Great options! Great chair too!
I just ordered (for a client) Robert Allen's "Set Dance"... it's an upholstery fabric (backed) and scale would work nice. I love the pattern (both classic and hip- same feel I get from the Hicks one you show, but less $)... colors may not work for you? I ordered it in "honey" but I also like the gray version "patina" and "spring"- the fabric image on their site doesn't do it much justice...
It's hip and graphic, yet the circles (in my opinion) have a feminine edge... which would compliment the lines of your chair.
If you want a higher end fabric Clarence House has OD Lily - that I am totally obsessed with as of lately...

modernemama said...

I say go big and bold, even on the arms it will work, like this . My fave fabric from your selection: Che Domino.

Anonymous said...

Remember that the seat cushion is six pieces, so the big chevron pattern is going to get all chopped up and may look jagged and chaotic. Could be kind of a mess.

Fifi Flowers said...
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birdy said...

Love the black and whites too!

Best source for fabric, bar none, is eBay. In fact, I have to stop buying fabric there. I just bought two separate bolts of Brunswig & Fils -- 6 yards for $60 of a gorgeous green linen and 4 yards for $55 of a cool geometric pattern. I lost out on an auction for a few yards of Josef Frank print (I had high hopes for that one . . . the seller didn't seem to realize it was a Frank, and had it listed as just Brunswig & Fils, but a few other savvy bidders sadly caught on and the price spiked).

I keep seeing gorgeous cotton fabrics out there (like Amy Butler's prints), but I worry about using light weight fabrics for upholstery. Everything I bring in to the house has to stand up to one child and two dogs.

Anonymous said...

Great fabrics, all of them. Don't worry about practicality. Chairs can be a punch of color or style, like a great piece of fabric in a room full of "black dresses".

I am a designer and do high-end upholstery. One thing we struggle with regularly is designers giving us too little fabric for pattern matching. When using a pattern, PLEASE order more, even if only a yard. It can make the difference between making it and breaking it. Believe me, you don't want to get the call that we need another yard. Use the extra for a small lumbar, if we have it.

Cheers on all the selections! You GO girl!

maison21 said...

my vote is pretty much usually for solid fabric for chairs and sofas and save the bold patterns for pillows. i love the idea of a bright fabric with a b/w accent pillow. and the suggestion for using outdoor grade fabric might be a smart one, considering little rickey, who i'm sure likes your favorite chair as much as you do.

Decorno said...

M21 - yes he does! You nailed it. Just this morning when I went to greet him, he walked past me and into the office to jump up onto this very chair (the one to be recovered). He loves it. It's like his throne.

Anonymous said...

"Erin Glazed" in Seaspray

Meander said...

Great fabrics!!! I really like the gathering on the side of the original chair cushion - it might be too frou frou for your taste but I think in one of those fabrics it would look divine!
As far as upholstery tips go-I agree with katiedid, doing a contrast welt would look great or even a double welt with the middle one a different colour and the outer one the same as the rest of the chair.
oh and always always scotch-guard the piece when you're done.

Anonymous said...

who is the maker of the chevron fabric?

decorno said...

All fabrics not already credited are either Schumacher or Lee Joffa.

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