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I want this bedroom.

So, JJ, to follow up on our very important breakfast conversation, this is the bedroom. Cheap and cheerful, no? My ceilings are too low for this bed, which is ok because I am not big on canopies. But the carpet is good. A nice compromise between hardwoods-wanting me and the carpet-desiring boys of the house. Sort of simple and basic with some punch.


birdy said...

Gorgeous. I never thought I'd be an orange person, but I just love pops of it. I think I'm reconsidering my orangeness.

Is that a sisal carpet? If so, you might want to rethink that. I had one in my bedroom, and it was not comfy when the tootsies hit the ground every morning.

Decorno said...

It's seagrass. I consider seagrass and sisal pretty much interchangable in my mind, but I am not sure that's correct. I know Joni left detailed explanation in a sisal post a while back... I might have to re-read. :)

I don't spend my time upstairs on the carpet, so I think I can live with the scratchiness. My office downstairs, which I use as a dressing room, has a big sisal rug and I don't seem to mind it at all.

But I know what you mean. If you don't like that texture, it could drive you nuts waking up to it every morning.

JJ said...

Easy! I think you can put this together in one weekend online.
I assume those shoes are part of the negotiation too?

Get any lamps today?

Decorno said...

No lamps. I did find a shade for a base... and then realized the shade doesn't fit. Classic. Oy. The search continues.

But yes, you are right. That bedroom is only a weekend's work. Maybe a full week when we account for the time to install the carpet, paint, and get the weird popcorn off the old plaster ceiling.

Anonymous said...

Really? Lose the canopy? If the fabrics around this bed and the one in your previous post were gone, I wouldn't find them anyway near as appealing. I no doubt have issues which would explain this. As a child I used to sleep in my closet on occasion, and the only part of camping I ever liked was being in bed in the (canvas) tent when it was raining. I know, I'm old.

Thumbs up for seagrass. It cleans better than sisal and tends not to be prickly.

Decorno said...

Ceilings are too low in my room for a canopy. So, it's out. And the outdoor canopy idea I like because one might actually need a cover outdoors.. and the whole "camp/hide-out" factor makes it fun in that context.

maison21 said...

d- don't know how good ol' ricky's bladder is, but sisal is not a good choice if that's a problem (shows the stain 4ever). seagrass is better, but not perfect in that respect.

i just ordered fakedy-fake imitation sisal sheet vinyl wall-to-wall flooring for a client with a pets, and i don't think it's bad looking, though it does look fake- you'd never mistake it for the real thing. on the plus side, it cleans with soap and water and you can even take a scrub brush to it.

it gets laid down this upcoming saturday, so i'd be happy to share the results with you if you are interested (unfortunately not with blogland at large just yet- we want to wait until pretty furniture is in the room before it makes it's published debut). speaking of being published, since you are such good friends with the domino editors and all, do you think you could put in a good word for me? ;-)

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