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Honey, take me here:

Read about it HERE in Gourmet Magazine, or check out the website HERE.


dewy23 said...

geez NOW I'm hungry and I was thinking about starting a Monday diet...I wanna go too

Decorno said...

Dewy... just noticed "... running from Amy Butler" on your profile.

You are my idol.

Elizabeth said...

Oh my god, I just took my mom down to georgetown on wednesday to share 14 karat gold, etc. and we stood in front of this place for about 15 minutes admiring the building and fireplace inside (the door was open). I'm calling to see if my husband and I can get it for our anniversary. How gorgeous is that place!?

Decorno said...

It's amazing. I have had a big crush on Georgetown for a long time. And I have always loved that building. I makes me weirdly happy to know that it's becoming something so good, and (by all accounts) being developed by a very cool guy.

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