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Howdy, stranger.

So, I know about 15 - 20 of you. I know you well enough to trade emails and to know a few things about you. Funny how blogs can forge these weird friendships where you haven't spoken, haven't met, but are perfectly comfortable emailing some snarky tidbit to one another every so often. Good times.

But who are the rest of you? I know we've played the "what's your salary" game (play along HERE). But who are you? I am dying to know.

1. How old are you? Male/female? Married/single? Gay/straight?
2. How often do you stop by?
3. What kind of posts do you most enjoy?
4. How many blogs a day do you read?
5. What would everyone be surprised to know about you?
6. What do you consider your top-3 online daily must-reads?

And anything else you want to share.

I am dying to know about all of you (especially all you crazy Anons).


Anonymous said...

1. 38 SAHM living in magnolia, seattle with DH and cute 3-year-old daughter
2. daily! (since i found you last week)
3. pretty rooms & vodka has no carbs
4. 3-4ish
5. hmmmm, i'm mormon
6. don't know if there are must read, but i like jezebel, blognigger, bycommonconsent, project rungay, dispatches from the island.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm a 20 year old female currently in a 2 1/2 year relationship with my boyfriend. Since I subscribe to your feed I stop by as often as you post! I enjoy pretty much any post that peaks my interest in Interior Design or interesting design ideas as I just bought a condo and move in less than 3 weeks! I'm currently severely addicted to blogs as my Google Reader has 45 blogs on it at the moment. People would probably be surprised to know how young I am and my financial situation. Mostly I get the " your parents are helping you out right?" But no, they aren't. It's all me. But my top 3 online daily must-reads is my Google Reader to assist my blog withdrawal, PerezHilton, and my many email accounts!

I'd love to here your answers to all of these questions!

Anonymous said...

ill pay you if you can get aesthetes lament to pony up anything .... talk about an enigma

Elizabeth said...

1. 31, female, married, straight.
2. I read every day in my feed reader.
3. I'm ashamed to admit it, but the more snarky a post, the better.
4. I read probably 20 or 25 blogs a day.
5. God, I have no idea. I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom?
6. I wouldn't say I have any daily must reads... Maybe Craigslist :)

Leah said...
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neece said...

Hi Decorno!
Neece Clark your blog and read it often but am ashamed to say I'm mostly a lurker although I would love to take credit for some of the "anonymous" comments you get.
I live in Seattle with 1 grown man 1 teenager and 1 child. To use your words and paraphrase: good times!
Especially like your design posts but also love how you are all over the board and don't seem to have a strict format or agenda and of course I love your authenticity and snarkiness.
other favorite blogs: bohemian hellhole, nogoodforme and dooce

Anonymous said...

1. I'm a 23 y.o. single, straight, white, female, university student
2. I use a feed reader, so I stop by whenever you post something new :)
3. I have a thing for bookcases and house porn, they make me tingle in happy places ;)
4. There are a whopping 77 blogs on my feed reader, but they don't all update every day
5. I spend a not insignificant proportion of my hours at my summer job keeping up with the aforementioned 77 blogs I follow
6. It's too hard to choose! Aside from all the house porn: Dooce, PerezHilton, and Attack of the Redneck Mommy

I'm currently living in my second apartment, but it's a rental, so I mostly live vicariously through house porn. For now I've settled for buying books and more art than I have room to hang.

Designerbee said...

1. 25/female/long term bf
2. As often as you post
3. Juicy ones
4. Hmm.. 10 or so
5. I really like reggae music
6. Apartment Therapy, CNN & CurbedLA and the 10ish other blogs I stalk

Anonymous said...

I guess I'll go first. My name is anon...kidding, it's Carol. I'm a 45 year old married, mom of two boys and own my own home interior boutique(check it out at a work in progress to be sure. Almost there!). I have been reading your blog practically everyday since I discovered you(and yah, you scared me recently when you said you were bored and taking a break) sometimes I check your posts up to three times a day if I need a fix, just in case I miss something. Yours is my first read in the morning. I have to say I really love all your posts, but of coarse the home decor ones are my favorites (o.k. I loved the bar posts too). You definitely have your finger on the pulse of current trends and it's interesting how often I see you talk about a subject and the other blogs seem to follow suit. Although, I also love reading your celeb posts (Jen Aniston comments had me rolling). And, I have to admit, my guity pleasure is reading all the comments to your posts (there are some pretty interesting people out there!!!) My other favorite reads are Habitually Chic, coco + kelley, all the best and liberty post. Sorry, I couldn't narrow it down to less than four. And I think everyone would be surprised to know I have a fear that big hair and stirrup leggings will come back in style.


P.S. So by the time I got this typed I realized there were nine people ahead of me. Did I mention I have kids?

katie said...
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Paris Hotel Boutique said...

1. 48 yr old, female, married.

2. You're on my Google reader and love to read whatever new post you have. Never know what to expect!

3. Enjoy the controversial ones... Hats off to you Decorno for covering topics that most of us wish we could, but don't have the guts. I also agree with Leah about original content.

4. I skim through about 30 on my Google reader and probably read only a few topics that catch my eye. There's just not enough time!

5.Umm..I'm probably the oldest blogger. I'm addicted to true crime and mafia movies.

6. Hard to say which are my top reads. There are a lot of great ones, but unfortunately I don't have time to read through too many. I think Di at Designer's Block comes up with some pretty unique posts.

Anonymous said...

24, female, contemplating leaving my job in advertising for design but don't have the formal "degree" that everyone seems to be so fond of these days (whatever happened to natural talent?)so instead I read this blog. I've tried to develop a fondness for other blogs, but this & Perez are my staples. Of the latter, I'm not very discerning as I'll take what I can get from a wit like yours. Keep it up.

Rebecca said...

1. How old are you? Male/female? Married/single? Gay/straight?
-I'm 31, married with a 7 month old
2. How often do you stop by?
-I too subscribe to your feed, but just found you about 3 weeks ago...LOVE your blog
3. What kind of posts do you most enjoy?
-If it has the word fuck, I love it...for some reason, ever since I was little, I've loved that gutsy.
4. How many blogs a day do you read?
-Since I read blogs while I pump (yes, milk) I think I'm browsing about I get LOTS of leche
5. What would everyone be surprised to know about you?
-I have two breast pumps connected to my boobs as I write this...niiiice
6. What do you consider your top-3 online daily must-reads?
Perez, DesignMom, Angry Chicken

Anonymous said...


1. 28 yr old female DINK
2. Whenever you update on my Reader .. and okay, I'll admit sometimes I'll check back and look at your comments on some of the ahem, more controversial posts
3. Snark. Bring it on. I heart how you take on Domino.
4. Oh lord. I have probably 75+ blogs on my Reader. Loooser! I honestly skim most of them for pictures I want to save to my iPhoto. Let's face it - very few posts a day will jump out at me and make me dive into them.
5. Though I am *extremely* snobby about decor and spend entirely too much time drooling over gorgeous rooms, I actually live in a Formica and white tile-infested California townhouse that I have ZERO energy or desire to decorate.
6. (Probably not dailies, but some of my absolute favorite blogs right now) D-listed, Perez, SGM, Cote de Texas, the Sartorialist, Smitten Kitchen, Urban Grace, Habitually Chic.

pati said...

1. 41 small town in B.C Canada. SAHM. Two children and same man for 22yrs.
2. I read you on my google reader EVERYDAY! Love your in sites and you inspire my tastes.
3.I enjoy your stories, but mainly Love your design eye.
4.I have over 121 blogs on my reader...too many.
5.Ummmm...Surprised that I read so many blogs.
6.Top three reads: Petunia face,Girls Gone Child, Mackin ink, Decor8...ohh soo many.

Pieter said...

I'm in a similair boat to Anon 10h10, except that I'm male and 23. Also comtemplating trading in my job in advertising for a job in design (interior or fashion, I currently do graphic). Anon: I think you can go on raw talent, at least I hope so.)
I really enjoy your posts and read as soon as you post (I use a reader and subscribe to 80 blogs - did I mention I hate my job and try to avoid it at all costs) I also enjoy the sartorialist, girl gone child, SGM,desire2inspire, and a shit load of other design blogs...I enjoy it most when you write longer posts (on any subject), but not a fan of the "discuss" posts(kind of similiar to putting two roosters in a cage and saying..."FIGHT") I'm a slob, but colour co-ordinate my wardrobe. Oh yes, and I'm from Cape Town.

karyn said...

1. 32, female, married, 4 kids.
2. Daily.
3. I most enjoy the Decor posts that include commentary in you witty sarcastic manner. I originally stopped on to your blog from another blog on your Be brave post. It was a fantastic piece and I loved your blog description so now I have to come back and see what else you have to say.
4. 25
5. Obsessively tried to copy a scarf posted by the Satorialist about 6 months ago, never got it right and have been thinking about trying again every since.

6) While my husband reads the paper each morning catching up on current events, I check in on my favorite design blogs. It seems a bit shallow in comparison but that only bothers me for about 2.3 seconds each day. I'll catch up with the world through NPR later. So, my top picks each morning are usually Decorno, Germinatrix (she has your style sense of humor)and Absolutely Beautiful Things.

Anonymous said...

1. Stay-at-home loner.

2. Whenever my work makes me want to cry.

3. Ones that make Joni angry.

4. Pretty much only this one. I read a few others for unintentional comedy.

5. I had my name legally changed to anon.

6. You, Gawker, Go Fug Yourself.

Anonymous said...

1. 28 yo straight married female, living in Ravenna, Seattle.
2. Subscribe to your feed, and I read them all every few days.
3. I like the pretty pictures, the snarkiness, and the great discussion of gritty topics.
4. Daily, I read maybe 10ish, but I subscribe to a lot more.
5. Had sex in the Thermae Bath Spa in Bath, England.
6. Mostly food-related: Smitten Kitchen, Bitten (Mark Bittman from NYT), and Cook's Illustrated online database of recipes.

Mary T. said...

1. 42 in August, bitches! Female. Married. Straigt (but extremely liberal.)
2. How often do you stop by? Once or twice a week.
3. What kind of posts do you most enjoy? ALL of them. But, okay, the bitchy ones.
4. How many blogs a day do you read? Too many to count. At least ten, probably 20-30.
5. What would everyone be surprised to know about you? I have horrible self-esteem and secretly believe that everything I do is a failure.
6. What do you consider your top-3 online daily must-reads? Oh, boy.
and, uh,

Of course, too, but that is kind of a given as I edit it.

Marissa said...

1. 21 years old, single, preparing to move into my first post-dorm living situation and in need of decor knowledge.
2. Daily
3. Opinionated posts--since I am trying to figure out what's good/bad in the world of home decor.
4. Too many (currently jobless, so have lots of free time)
5. I spent all of last year living with an awesomely tacky orange-and-gold striped velvet sofa.
6. About Last Night, Playbill, Jezebel

danny boy said...

yay! i'm finally commenting on your wonderful blog! i came across you one day while doing an image search on google and something you posted popped up. anyways, here is who i am.

1. 30 year old single gay male

2. usually a couple times a day, the first time is to see new posts and the second or third time is to meander through your archives.

3. uh, all of them, i haven't been bored by one yet.

4. about 5 or more depending on how busy my day is.

5. well for all of my friends and family it would be that i just took a job in london which i start in september. i haven't told anyone yet! not even my mom. uh, everyone else? i don't know. i'm an open book.

6. you, my friend milla's blog on myspace, sticky, wtf, culturatti, and crave. sorry, i couldn't narrow it down to 3

Anonymous said...

Um, sounds like someone is trying to suss out some marketing info. Trying to draw new advertisers?

TKTC said...

1. 25/ F/ Single-ish/ Straight
2. Daily, a favorite part of my reader for the gorgeous photos and ridiculous commentary.
3. See above.
4. 117, 28 of which our design blogs
5. I'm apparently a vampire...I start a new job next week (that will change my salary game answer- yesssss) but I haven't been able to sleep for a couple days.
6. the style files, In(side) the Loop, Urban Grace Interiors make my design blog shortlist. I JUST found the last two and am loving both at the moment.

Shawn said...

Hi, my name is Shawn.

1. I'm a 24 year old, single gay male. Second-year PhD student in DC. Trying desperately to find love! My face may or may not be my biggest struggle.

2. Any time I see a new post in my Google Reader! I swear, in as much as everyone says that they read more blogs as a consequence, I use Google Reader as incentive for me to do work while at work.

3. "Things that are wrong" and those that are about your house.

4. In my Google Reader I have about 15-20. I keep Apartment Therapy separate because I don't always have the patience for the subtle Eames elitism and the anti-Etsy sentiment. What? I like Etsy!

5. I'm vegan.

6. Other than Decorno (of course), Karla's Closet, Scented Glossy Magazines, and Strange Closets.

Anonymous said...

1. Female, straight, unmarried, long-term relationship, no brats, 38
2. Several times daily
3. High quality home porn, like photo immediately above these latest questions. Shoe suggestions, since you have fabulous taste and know the market. Also, subjects that women usually "aren't allowed" to discuss, like our incomes. And casual sex. But if I wanted politics, I'd tune into Lou Dobbs.
4. Depends on the day. 4? 5?
5. Grandpa was a billionaire. Back in the days when few billion really meant something.
6. Dlisted, SGM, laineygossip. I've learned to stay away, at all costs, from Cote de Texas (blogger seems harmless enough - but the aesthetics don't appeal. Ever.), regardez-moi (bounces from needy to whiny to smug and back) and PostSecret (oy: teenage angst overload!)

If this info is to help you get advertising, as suggested by Anon 12:43AM, well... more power to you. You and your feisty band of posters bring me so much glee that you certainly deserve some sort of compensation.

Anonymous said...

By the by, who are the lucky bloggers with whom you've now established online penpalship?

Decorno said...

(12:43: no. But please do tell me how I can replace my salary, health care, and years of stock options by blogging and I will gladly take ads on this damn thing.)

Decorno said...

Anon 4:40: Not telling.

Chloe said...

1. 28 year old married straight female.
2. I check Decorno every work day.
3. My favorite posts have both beautiful pictures and your fantastic prose.
4. I probably read about 20 blogs a day.
5. I live in an all-white condo
6., A Cup of Jo, Dlisted

peppermintp85 said...

1. 27/F single, straight
2. at least every other day
3. beautifully decorated rooms with warmth rather than extravagance...
4. 10-20 design blogs per day
5. I was adopted by my aunt and uncle at age 8 and lived in foster care before that...
6. I am a product designer, so i definitely like to read Core77, Gothamist (for my new york local news), and materialicious (for new innovative material uses in design)...

Anonymous said...

I tried to strike up a penpalship with Decorno, but all my emails were returned from a Seattle penitentiary.

Jamie said...

1. 27, female, married native Washingtonian now in the deep south with the DH.
2. You're in my reader so whenever something pops up!
3. Decor and fashion--I find the humor to be a nice bonus
4. I have 50+ blogs in my reader but, I'm doing some serious weeding out.
5. DH just got a new job where I don't HAVE to work...I'm seriously considering it. Hate where I've been. I think community volunteer may be my new role.
6. Black*Eiffel, Oh Happy Day, Front Porch Indiana (love the chicken stories)

Anonymous said...

1. 48, male, single, gay.
2. Daily.
3. Text & pics, text & pics (though I skip past the bags & shoes bits.)
4. Attentively, perhaps ten.
5. I live in an 1830s holdover Federal style red brick farmhouse, untouched by time, in the sticks of Virginia, no neighbors in sight, two hours from dreary Washington, D.C., and spend far too many hours each day scouring real estate offerings from the Western World, looking for the perfect place that combines early Georgian chasteness with a John Soane jumble sale of architectural odd bits, and maybe a smoking room lined in Iznik tile and mashrabiyahs, with an Andalucian stalactite ceiling, with oculus, of course. I like my books dodecahedral: Anthony Powell's 'A Dance to the Music of Time,' and James Lees-Milne's diaries.
6. Decorno, An Aesthete's Lament, Bearded Roman,,,, Datalounge, a few more.

alis said...

1. 23 -female - 3 1/2 year relationship - straight
2. At least 5 times a week. Usually everyday.
3. "Things that are wrong" posts, any post you make witty annoyed remarks, but also the kind of posts like that one you wrote about how you were introduced to your favorite perfume. Less decor, more talk. Also loved reading comments of the salary post, confession of worst thing ever done etc.
4. Hard to say, dozens (most are design & decor, some are fashion, a few others like SGM)
5. I am late always, everywhere, for everything. So I have lost the ability to walk calmly, I can only run(even when I'm in heels and in no hurry).
6. fashiontoast, purple area, dezeen, remodelista, fashionsquad (I had to pick random favorites because I either read a bunch or read none at all)

Valerie said...

1. 37-yo married chick, no kids, in the south.
2. I come by daily since I found your blog about a month ago.
3. I like longer posts, since your writing amuses me. Those anonymous salary and related posts were really fun. Do more!
4. I read about 4-5 blogs a day. I'm a message-board person.
5. I have written and deleted about four surprising sexual facts. Not going there.
6. Top reads daily do vary.

Be the change..... said...

1. 28, gay male, not married yet but not single.
2. every day! I get updates via my blogroll
3. all of them really...pretty rooms and snarky comments
4. on average-15
5. i'm only 28 -i'm an old gay soul - but I'm surprised you don't have more gay readers -where my gays at??!!
6. I won't list blogs so that i won't piss anyone off, but I read perezhilton, the sartorialist and go fug yourself daily


Anonymous said...

1. 36-year-old single gay male
2. Stop here daily
3. Interesting design with a snarky comment or two
4. About 16 blogs a day
5. I'm a Republican
6. Apartment Therapy, Architect Design, OfftheCuffDC

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, one of my daily must-reads commented 2 minutes above me! Cool...

Be the change..... said...

Anon 6:59 -you like me! You really like me!! YAH!
PS. i'm a registered republican too (but never have voted for of these days)

Anonymous said...

1. I'm 27 for 9 more days. Femaile, married, straight.
2. Whenever you update--you're in my bloglines.
3. I love anything snarky. The snottier the better.
4. I have an insane list in my bloglines: 129 feeds as of today. Many don't update daily but some update all the damn time. I skim things like Jezebel, AT and the Kitchn for things that actually interest me, but the blogs like yours that post just a few times a day I do usually read.
5. I have a lot of trouble forcing myself to read new books, and am always rereading old favorites.
6. Television Without Pity if one of my shows has a new recap. Otherwise there are a handful of blogs I save for last if they have new posts because they're my favorites: Yours, Smitten Kitchen, Amalah...

Little Miss - said...

1. 25, straight, single but taken by an equally goofy architard.
2. Whenever my google feeder updates.
3. Things That Are Wrong (I love me some good ol' design judgment)
4. 30-40
5. I'm a canoe-tripping phenom who has traveled into completely uninhabited wilderness, fended off bears, tended first aid wounds, and survived to do it many more times.,,and Decorno, of course!

the quarter rat said...

1. 41 single bi (trending straight) male. I spit on love.
2. 2-3 times a day, depending on work
3. Decor/snark posts are my favorite. I'd rather read your snark than contribute to the pustulence that is Perez Hilton/Gawker Media.
4. 5-6, sometimes more depending on work.
5. I DJed at raves until quite recently
6. You, Aesthete's Lament (an enigma, but I have a theory), HOBAC, The Sartorialist (but he's been kinda sucky lately), Hollister Hovey, HuffPo

andy difabs said...

1. 25, straight, resentfully single

2. daily, duh

3. pretty pictures and funny stories....oh, that's pretty much the whole site. ok, REALLY pretty pictures and the short stories.

4. hmmm, 5 on a good day (and by good i mean i am leaving some time to actually do some work) 25 on a 'i could care less about work, inspire me already' day

5. that i read blogs daily

6. decorno, because i'm addicted, perez hilton

iaspire said...

1. I'm a 24 year old female (birthday=today!)
2. Multiple times a day
3. Ones about Seattle, decor dont's, and ones that illicit tons of comments.
4. Eh, like 10
5. I am employed as a journalist at a Seattle shelter mag. but I don't currently live in Seattle (sad face)
6. Decorno! Serious Eats (food blog) and Slate mag.

Decorno: We've never spoken, nor have I directed a comment to you before, but I will take this opportunity to say hi, and keep fightin' the good fight!

living_insanity said...

1. 27, F, Married, straight

2. As often as I check my google reader, almost daily

3. I love looking at inspiration rooms and I love looking at neat objects especially when the cool websites to find the objects are attached :)

4. I have 115 decor blogs and several hundred food blogs. Maybe 600 something in total

5. I love the color yellow and drive a yellow Mustang


C said...

1. 28 year old married female living in NYC. No children, unless you count the kind with 4 legs and a shedding issue, of which I have 2.
2. Daily since I found you a few months ago.
3. I too love the snarky posts and anything to do with shoes, but with all your pretty pictures I can justify reading you at work in the name of "research" since I am a designer by day.
4. Somewhere in the ballpark of
15-20, but I don't read them all each day.
5. I too am a Republican and am the designer behind (hopefully) one of your favorite shoe departments in the city.
Habitually Chic & Decorno!

A said...

1. 23, f. Not married, but own a house with boyfriend of several years.
2. every work day (m-f).
3. snarky ones especially. ones that get entertaining comments. i hate how overly polite other blogs are. also landscaping posts because that is what's stumping me at my house.
4. i click around at work during lulls. could be a couple, could be 20.
5. ME? vegetarian, young professional in pharma industry, socially anxious, atheist, culture snob.
6. besides decorno?,,

Mint Julep said...

1. 32, married to a Guatemalan/American love machine, straight.
2. I read your blog every time a new post pops up on my google page. The more you post in a day the happier I am :)
3. I like the decor posts but I'm big on sarcasm and bitchiness.
4. I read probably 20-30 blogs a day.
5. I get paid really good money and all I do is surf the internet 8 hours a day. Some days I wish I had work to do.
6. Jezebel, Alltop, and Dooce

P said...

I would like to take this opportunity to share that I asked Chris Farley to the prom. He didn't come, but how excellent a date would he have been? Except for the profuse sweating and coke habit.

Anyway, I recently discovered your blog and I love the mix of humor and decor. Decor blogs tend to take themselves really, really seriously, and it can all be a bit precious. I read about 150 sites a day (while pretending to work), most of which are style/decor blogs, but my favorites are A Cup of Joe, Hey Susy, Diana:Muse and Garance Dore.

Oh - and I'm a 32-year-old single woman living in Brooklyn. I am current stalking Grace from Design*Sponge and going through her recycling bins.

AvenueFog said...

1. 35 year old divorced straight female, mother of a 9 year old girl
2. Stops by daily - I need my Feed
3. I like the variety of posts, actually
4. I read 15-20 blogs daily
5. There's nothing "everyone" would be surprised to know about me. My "colorful" friends might be surpirsed that I go to church; and my churchy friends might be surprised to know I run with my drag queens.
6. I love me some feeds, but I also love my days away. There is only one, though, that I make sure my coffee cup is full and I'm all comfy before I read - - horses+snarking=heaven

sterin said...

1. Turning 32 this week, female, married, no vomit blobs (yet).
2. Every damn day.
3. I read all the posts, but I enjoy your writing and the awesome comments the most.
4. I usually cruise a bajillion blogs, but I just look at the pretty pretty pictures on the vast majority of them.
5. I am supposed to be writing a post for my own blog, but I am reading/commenting on your blog instead. Sigh.
6. Besides Decorno, I like Go Fug Yourself and the Germinatrix, because they're also witty writers.

Anonymous said...

1. Age/rank/serial number: 45 years old, male, gay.
2. How often do you stop by? Easily 4-5 times a day. Just in case you get into a posting frenzy.
3. What kind of posts do you most enjoy? Design, design, and more design, and especially if well written, informative, and amusing.
4. How many blogs a day do you read? About a dozen.
5. What would everyone be surprised to know about you? That I consider Guinness stout a food group.
6. What do you consider your top-3 online daily must-reads? Oddly enough, no blogs. For me no day is complete without checking in with,, and

Anonymous said...

Must amend the above, since I didn't read the instructions thoroughly: 1. 45 years old, male, gay, married, with one child.

Anonymous said...

1. How old are you? Male/female? Married/single? Gay/straight?

32 year old with an 11 year old daughter and a 13 year old son (yeah, do the math - I'm just glad I'm 32 now and can't be labeled a 'young mum') divorcee currently living in sin with an adorable gent & scholar, 2 cats, 2 snakes and a bagillion houseplants

2. How often do you stop by?

probably once a day but I don't have any hard & fast rules

3. What kind of posts do you most enjoy?

the *really* sarcastic ones

4. How many blogs a day do you read?

I probably hit 10 but none of them religiously

5. What would everyone be surprised to know about you?

I'm terribly non-commital

6. What do you consider your top-3 online daily must-reads?

I hit the nonist hoping he'll have something new up, reclaiming miss havisham is always good for a laugh & lawrence lessig's blog has an uncanny way of indulging my obsession with US politics in nerdy, nerdy ways

librelife said...

1. 35,married female, living in Dallas
2. Usually read you daily, but sometimes miss a few days and have to play catch up on 2-3 posts... feels like an indulgence.
3. Love the decor stuff but also love things like the post today from I Could Kill Her blog and your random take on things. Your posts make me laugh out loud andmake me want to be a bit bolder and bitchier in life, which is not a bad thing bc I am sort of a wuss.
4. I read 8-10 blogs a day. I have a must read list.
5.I will probably be divorced within a year. Only been married 1.5 years. Rather sad stuff.
6.Must read Decorno, Isuwanee, Beach Bungalow, Cup of Jo,Absolutely Beautiful Things Black Eiffel, Urban Grace, Inside the Loop and Oh Happy Day. SGM cracks me up but I dont read it everyday.

pam said...

1.44 year old married sahm, living in san diego-9yr old son, 5 year old daughter
2. I read via bloglines,which I check daily.
3. Love the decor porn(although that goes without saying,and particularly like snarky posts, and posts about your own home /garden plans. loads via bloglines-craft, food, decor,parenting, and humor blogs primarily.
5.I like films whose target demographic is 16-24 year old males.
6.Decorno is a fav, as are scented glossy magazines, I could kill her, petuniaface,absolutely beautiful things,101 cookbooks, and my marrekesh-among others.

Anonymous said...

1. 26 year old female, long term (hopefully, nearly engaged) relationship. straight . Canadian!
2. Daily. You're my favourite!
3. All. I love your decor and your snarkiness. Love it
4. lots: decor/reno/gossip:thisyounghouse,makingitlovely,decorno,postsecret,laineygossip,delisted,perez
5. my entire basement floor is dirt (attempted renovation). and I hate it
6. see item 4

Visual Vamp said...

You get what you give LOL! YOU hardly ever, (nearly never) comment anywhere, and you only e-mail your 15 or 20 inner circle. When I tried to make friends with you, you had one of your flying monkeys (or maybe it was YOU under the all purpose pen name anon) call me a stalker LOL! You used to be in my daily 3, but I can take a brick load of a hint, so now you've been demoted to my once in awhile LOL

laura the artist jones said...

hiya. yeah, i've been snooping at your blog anonymously for some time. i should fess up.
1. 25 living with boyf. baby daughter. dog. cat. fish. in portland, oregon.
2. daily i think you were mentioned in craft or maybe some other blog i read?
3.i like looking at things that i want and making fun of things that suck. getting a boner for rad lamps and couches.
4. 40ish. i just discovered the magic of google reader a few months ago, it blew my mind.
5. horrible speller. don't believe in horoscopes.
6.elsa mora, the superficial, happysilly.

Karen said...

1. 38. Living in Portland, Oregon. Married with a sweet husband. And two tiny people - Kate, 5, and Jack, 2.
2. Daily. It is my break from my two high energy children.
3. All of it, but I love the house porn.
4. Twenty. On a good day. Or one on a bad day.
5. Nothing. I am an open book.
6. Decorno. mirrormirror. Remodelista.

Anonymous said...

1. 34 year old SAHM; live in Madrona with husband & baby son.
2. I stop by daily, sometimes twice to see if you've posted anything new. I love me some Decorno!
3. I love it all, but I particularly enjoy Things That Are Wrong and anything you write about Seattle.
4. Probably 3-4
5. I look round and out of shape, but I actually kick ass. Fricking genetics gave me the endurance of a pack mule with the body of Papa Smurf.
6. I read Decorno religiously, and regularly stop by Oh Happy Day, I Suwannee, SGM, Petunia Face.

T said...

1. 50 yo female, married with 2 grown kidlings. (Jeez, am I the oldest here?)
2. Often. I forget if I've checked in or not. Plz see #1.
3. Anything that quiets the voices in my head.
4. 10 or 15, but turns into 20 or 30 depending on #2.
5. Married 27 years and hate it.
6. Decorno, Decorno, Decorno. Seriously, plz see #2.

jen said...

1. 26, F, Married for 5 years, no kids
2. Read you through Bloglines, so whenever you update, but I love it when you post daily!
3. Love the posts on vacation homes and also the "controversial" posts.
4. I have about 30 in my Bloglines reader.
5. No one knows me here, so I doubt they would be surprised at anything.

Lucinda said...

1. 32, female, just married, straight.
2. Every weekday, and sometimes on weekends.
3. All posts, especially ones that give me good interior ideas. I really like the two cents on gorgeous craigslist items.
4. A couple, mostly gossip.
5. My husband and I met by him writing, "You're so cute" on his receipt when I was his waitress, at Hooters!
6. DListed, StyleMePretty, although that will probably drop off not that my wedding is over, Decorno

Anonymous said...

1. 49, female, engaged, straight
2. every damn day
3. coted d' texas, whatever with alexis and jenniter (alexis stewart is bat shit crazier than her mother martha stewart)
4. three a day
5. i smoke weed before cleaning my house
6. new york social diary and new work times

Anonymous said...

1.43 straight married with two
2. daily
3.snark, decorating
5.i am normal
cote de texas

Annika Sophia said...

I am female, married, graduate student in theology, age er... 47, yuk.

I stop by probably twice per day. For some reason, I really like the snarky posts the best, in addition to insight about our fellow man. Of course I like to see how other people live in their homes with color, art and decor.

I read about 20 blogs or more per day. I will someday be a Minister or some other job in the "religious industry".

My top three are Decorno, A Cup of Jo and tied for third is diana:muse, Real Estalker, and Habitually Chic.

I did not know what blogs were until recently, when I began going to the Domino Magazine website in between monthly deliveries, and noticed their recommendations of other blogsites. I have gotten into the action by creating my own site, The God Channel, where I post all things that are important to me, which could be related to art, beauty, fashion, scripture, inspiration, etc. I am not as techy as I used to be and I am having to learn as I go.

Thank you for the chance to give feedback.

Anonymous said...

1. 32 married mom of 18 month old
2. Read you every day,'re like my morning coffee (but I don't drink coffee, I drink regular diet)
3. I like the posts that are either personal, or totally new...not relating to anything that any other blogger has ever talked about
4. I keep up with about 20 blogs a day
5. You may be surprised to know that 1.I am not an unhappy bitch as some people may think and brother is one of the editors of playboy mag, and I am still trying to scoop up my jaw from the floor after learning that KW was in playboy..
6. favorite daily reads: decorno, aesthete's lament, peak of chic, habitually chic, maison 21, cote de texas, Mrs. Blandings....clearly, I can't choose just 3...

chellie_d said...

I'm 35, female, married, straight, and I read this thing daily pretty much. We've just bought our first house in South Australia and am doing it up a bit. I like ye olde design inspiration posts most myself - things that get me thinkin'. I subscribe to around 60 blogs in my reader (some professional, some fun) and my favourites are Renovate + Decorate, Design*Sponge and I Can Has Cheezburger (not really a blog, but I love it, completely shamelessly). What's a surprise about me? I have long been a zine devotee and am finally coming around to the joys of blogs. Yes, you can have it both ways and like it too.

maison21 said...

1. 45 and super-gay ;-)

2. you are in my reader, so every time you post, i eventually visit.

3. all of them, but my favorite to date is your "lean into it" post- i still think of it often. i love posts where you actually write because you crack me up like few others. but having a blog myself, i know that sometimes it's easier to just throw up a quick picture (i'm for sure a fan of talky blogs, not just picture-y blogs). obviously, the shoe posts aren't my faves, and bags? i just don't understand.

4. i have twelve in my reader, and try to read each new post. if i had time, there are others i would add, but i 'm busy, so have to limit somehow. i need to add sgm, though- bitch is FUNNY.

5. no one i know would be surprised to learn *anything* about me- i'm a total loud-mouth/open book.

6. my daily reads include all the news stories that interest me on my google home page- it's great to have so many sources conveniently gathered in one spot. how did we survive our primitive information gathering ways before the internets? and of course, i read my beloved blogs in my google reader. did i mention you were one of them? (never hurts to kiss a little decorno ass, peeps!)

last, i couldn't agree with you more about the unusual blogging friendships- so odd to have friends i've never met, but they ARE friends, nonetheless. i never expected that when i started blogging, and it's been the biggest gift ...

elizgonz-TX said...

1. 38 SAHM to 3 young children in Austin, Texas.
2. Google Reader
3. I read different blogs for different reasons. Generally speaking, the blogs that I am faithful to have at least two of the following: eye candy, humor, or something very educational. Regarding the educational posts, it doesn't matter if I'm learning about precious things like Antique Judaica (Cote de Texas) or practical things like how to spiff up chrome or acrylic(Maison21), or which fabric your readers like for your chair.
4. About a two dozen design blogs and a few food and politics blogs.
5. Hmmmm... I was married in St. Peter's Basilica.
6. I don't like this question because I've spent all day checking out everyone's answers to #6 because so many of them are new to me. Let's just say that you're one of my favorites.

Decorno said...

M21 - you crack me up. I am not sure why you would need to kiss any Decorno ass... I am totally useless!

Anonymous said...

1. 30, in atlanta with husband and annoying dog
2. daily
3. funny/snarky/vhnc
4. to many in my reader
5. i used to do a lot of coke years ago. unfortunately, not any more
6. dlisted, Bloomberg, cajun boy in the city

Meander said...

Howdie darling!!!
1. 26, single as they come (and not dating again until I've run a full background check on all potentials), straight and no chitlins as of yet
2. I stop by maybe every other day
3. crazy awful naked pictures of the crazed kelly werstler type
4. I read 3-5 on a good day but none on the days when I'm travelling and my stupid computer blocks everything in hotel rooms
5. I'm secretly in love with John Edwards
6.must reads - daily intelligencer, my yahoo horoscope and the mackin ink blog

Anonymous said...

1. 34, female, 2 yr relationship, straight.

2. Read in Bloglines, but will often follow that to the site.

3. I must admit to liking the snark and amazing photos, but my favorite post was the one on your blended family. It was wonderful.

4. I have about 50 in my reader, weeded down from around 100.

5. Hmmmm. I have three alarm clocks for weekday mornings. I just can't wake up. Sad really.

6. Aside from Decorno, I'm all about Desire to Inspire, I Suwannee, Jezebel, and Dlisted.

traylas said...

1. 36m M, straight
2. Almost daily
3. Most of them- but I love ones that share a new designer/idea/product (or one I do not yet know)
4. 20ish (through a reader)
5. huh. That I advise everyone all day on design choices, but I feel like my home is such a mess?
6. not sure if they're a must read, but sgm, the martha blog (it's so bizarre) and here, of course!

Robin said...

1. 41 (reluctantly), female, single (and thank you for not including "divorced" as one of the choices. Why does that matter?) Anyway. Straight and happily dating a fabulous man I met on Match a year and a half ago. No kids, 2 cats.

2. You're in my Google Reader, so you pop up every day.

3. I like them all. I discovered your blog the day you wrote about the family you were marrying into.

4. Too many, I have them all in Google Reader and I check it at night after work (since there is nothing on TV these days). When I see how many new posts there are I sometimes freak out. And if I don't get to read some of them I feel bad, like I've abandoned someone else's child. I really need to get over it.

5. I am absolutely fascinated by shows like Tori & Dean. I was disappointed that NBC did not pick up Victoria Beckham's show, I thought the pilot was hilarious. I can't look away, its like a car crash.

6. Too many to mention!

my little apartment said...

hi, Decorno. my name's Dean and I'm a girl with a boy's's what you asked for:

1. 26 year old girl, long-term boyfriend (though I'm dying to get married. shhh!)

2. used to be daily, but now I'm lucky if I even blog maybe a few times a week.

3. interior porn, anything you put your trademark snarky spin on.

4. i read the 20-something blogs on my blogroll. sometimes more, sometimes less.

5. i think about this question all the time and still haven't come up with a good answer. um...get back to me.

6. blog wise right now? Door Sixteen, I Suwannee, and Brick House.

Emma MD said...


1. I'm a single female, all of eighteen years old.
2. I subscribe to your RSS feed (I check my reader 3-4 times daily) and so I read all of your posts.
3. If I had to choose, I'd say that I enjoy your longer posts the most. The more words, the happier I am. I will only look at the comments sections one day out of every five, so posts that simply say "discuss" are somewhat lost on me. Plus, I LOVE what you have to say. That being said, I am also a huge fan of your short quips, usually about pop culture (last week's Madonna post comes to mind...) I'm a sucker for your flavour of snarky.
4. My feed reader says I have 127 subscriptions but each updates with varying frequency. I'd say that each day, I read somewhere in the neighbourhood of 50 distinct blogs a day (some, however, like yours, have many updates a day!)
5. I'm a swing dancer. I do Lindi Hop, Balboa, East and West Coasts, Blues and many variety of Charleston. The surprising part for most is not that I do it (being an Anon, usually) but that there are that many varieties of swing dances still being danced.
6. Oh my! Spacing Toronto--it covers exactly what I want (read: everything) about my city. Probably, also; it's got a lovely collection of arts projects. and then the New York Times Online. But I couldn't really live off of only three.

Anonymous said...

1. Nearly 21, female. I don't feel old enough to answer the married or single question. It seems like a no brainer to me--single. It's so weird how uncomfortable I am applying that word to myself...
2. I stop by almost daily.
3. I enjoy any form of design post. And snarky things. I have never disliked anything about your blog. Maybe it's because I'm still a maleable little New England Girl who admires the Ways of the West Coast Women.
4. I read about five blogs each day. All of them have to do with design--I live a very vicarious lifestyle as I hardly create anything other than daydreams in my daily life.
5. I desperately miss living with my huge noisy Marwadi Jain Indian host family in Pune, India. I want to move back to India even though the pollution drives me mad.
6. My 3 top must-reads are Decorno, The Sartorialist, and FaceHunter.

Anonymous said...

ok - don't always post as anon, but when I reveal my dirty secrets you'll maybe understand. .

1. I'm (gulp) 59 , female, married with 3 grown daughters. I live in Vancouver with my husband of 32 years (whom I married after a whirlwind 13 year courtship), the aforementioned critters, and whichever of the offspring needs an alternate home base for whatever reason.

2. Daily

3. Love the rants, particularly the "hates".

4. I'd guess about 10, but I tend to wander without a destination in mind. It's my therapy.

5. I make it up as I go along. I make others feel young - take note, phb.

6. maison 21, decorno, tobi et al

Anonymous said...

I'm 29, female, still a student, married and live in Switzerland but as I'm also half Scottish I like to read blogs in English.
I read your blog daily (when I'm home) and I like the pretty rooms but think your ramblings about life and interiors ect. are much more interesting because you can find pretty rooms on a lot of blogs.
I read about 5-10blogs, but a lot of them I just scan over without really reading them.
Must reads are this one, my guilty pleasure Perezhilton, I really like the new blog Chez Larsson and Lola is Beauty is fun. I also always read Apartment Therapy.

Anonymous said...

Ps: mmmh, what nobody knows about me. Well most people probably wouldn't think that I am really into Poker (and not bad at it either). Especially as it's still a game dominated by men.

emilyjoyce said...

Hi Decorno!
Im a 27 year old female interior designer living in philadelphia.
i check in here everyday as soon as i get to work. i love your mix of design/gossip/humor. i eat sleep breathe design everything but sometimes i like a little Pammy-Grammy all cracked out!
other blogs i read daily are Designsponge, Oh Joy, Casapinka, Brick House, Desire to Inspire, Black White Yellow, Making it lovely, and more.

Anonymous said...

maison21, What is "super-gay"?

Describe the gayest day (or night) you've ever had.

Anonymous said...

Although I don't post anonymously, I'll answer this anon:

1. 48 y/o, husband, 4 kids (3 steps), lifelong midwesterner on the East Coast for several years now
2. Sometimes every day, most often every few days. Otherwise it would be all I do due to my ADD, clicking on link after link for hours on end.
3. I love that you (I) never know what to expect - decor, a new iTunes recommendation, Kelly Wearstler's tits, but always your writing. It's hilarious. The polls are very insightful. And, yes, even the politics. Also, the comments!
4. Varies - about 5-10. Most are copy-heavy so I just don't have time and I always click on all the links, as I said, or try to catch up and read old posts. Huge time suck.
5. I am quite liberal so people would be surprised to know that I was secretary of my county's Young Republicans when I was in my early 20s.
6. My top blog reads are Decorno, I am Bossy and, tied for third, SGM and Habitually Chic.

franki durbin said...

Hey.. my favorite topic! Me! (yes, you can laugh at that...)

Okay... here goes:

1. 35, married, straight (last I checked....)
2. Every time I pop open my RSS reader.... every other day?
3. It's not about the topic. I just enjoy your posts when it sounds like you're in a good mood. Simple as that. Sometimes you're having a blast...others, I can tell you're "just not that into us" ;)
4. Oh boy.... I subscribe to about 100-150, but only read certain "categories" each day. Fashion blogs one day... travel the next... design another...
5. Hmmm... I am an only child. My iPod is filled with hip hop, someone wrecked my car Saturday, I think I have a Splenda addiction (okay, just a love affair with the little yellow packets) and... I'm a big fan of victimless crimes.
6. Must reads? that's hard. I read a particular forum daily (I'm not telling which one) and aside from that and responding to comments on my blog I don't feel I "have" to read anything daily. The days I'm not into it I simply don't partake.

The Nerdy Fashionista said...

1. 29 year old woman, live w/boyfriend of 4 years, work as an interior designer in NYC.
2. every couple days
3. the smart-ass ones. There's a whole interwebs full of "pretty" and "ikat," but I like coming here because you're constructively critical, you post things you don't like as often as things you do (which are generally pretty interesting), and you are interested in hearing more of a discussion about the topic at hand than just "pretty!"
4. 5-10
5. What would everyone be surprised to know about you?
6. Whoopee, If the Lamp Shade Fits (my bloggleganger), Go Fug Yourself

franki durbin said...

I just finished reading ALL of the comments. You must do this more often. In fact... it would be interesting to see a post where everyone commented anonymously. I'd love to see how much further we could take this 'confessional'...

Kelly Anne said...

1. 23/Female/Single/Straight
2. Whenever you post (I getcha via RSS)
3. It's a cross between straight-up design posts and snarky celebrity dissing. I love that you have both.
4. TOO MANY. Sometimes I hide from my Google Reader for days, but I love the blogs too much to stop.
5. I am a crime show junkie. Bills to pay? Screw it, there's a CSI marathon on.
6. Hmmm...that's tough, because of the Reader. Probably Dooce, The Sartorialist (can't dress myself to save my life but LOVE me photos of people who can), hula seventy when she updates.

Julia said...

1. 24 year old married straight female.
2. Whenever you update (via Google Reader)
3. All! I heart the snarkiness, honest and truly. I laughed out loud at Pam "picking something up off the floor."
4. 30+
5. I would like a new job.
6. Um... Dooce, Matt/Liz/Madeline, the news.

Anonymous said...

blog lurker here. Missed this questionaire.

1. 40 something single female living in rural ny

2 most days

3 Mostly I'm a decor junkie, but I like the unexpected posts on this blog too. Blog addiction started while struggling through house renovation agony as a way to remind myself what I was looking forward too. I'm still in that place.

4. depends how tired I am, 3-8 usually. Some of my list don't post that often.

5. This is like my unintellectual sin reading. People in my real world would be very surprised I was so frivolous.

6 NYT, Bloomberg, my daily blogcheckin and email.

twin2trip said...

Dear Decorno,

You are part crazy and part genius. I have vowed on a couple of times that I was going to quit reading your blog becuause some of the crude happenings but pretty much can't because of your unmatched wittiness. I am 32 married female who stops by pretty much everyday. Usually I prefer posts on home decor but yours is an exception because there's more layers and depth. Besides, at times you bring a laugh,(sometimes not)shock and marvel factor to my day. Pure entertainment. I probably have 40 or so blogs that I read and that's still not enough.(I wonder if magazine sales have dropped with the blog revolution) Sometimes I get more satisfaction with my blogs than my magazine subcription. Which brings me to want to address an old topic about blogging becomming just another form of scrapbooking. Anybody can post pictures but it takes a real talent to be able to write and captivate a loyal audience. Your on the right track to generating revenue if not more than you already are. Plus who cares anyway, isn't the scrapbooking industry a billion dollar industry:-) I use to work for Goldman Sachs and now in the last 3 years have aquired (birthed) 5 kids. A set of twins and a set of triplets. Stock market hours....please:-) Go, fight win all of you stay @ homies. I never miss Habitually Chic, Style Court or Mrs. Blandings just to name a few of the online blogs.

Anonymous said...

O.K. I lied I'm freakin 48. Damn!


IzzyLu said...

(1) 27, married female to the male version of me.
(2) twice daily, if I have time
(3) Love when you put the over-used designs in their place
(4) too many to count, and I often get lost
(5) I giggle and jump around the house when ever someone comments on my blog
(6), Stylecourt (navigate from her favorites list) Etsy (does that count)

I am one of those horrible readers that don't comment. I know I am horrible.

kassy said...

1. 39, single, living with boyfriend in a horrible little rental house in Crown Hill, no kids, one cat.
2. Daily, I have you on my google homepage
3. I love the snarky, but I came here for the decor and I'm really interested in how your yard/patio turns out. And please stop talking about Georgetown, I want to move there and don't want anyone else to know about it. It's going to turn into another over-condofied Ballard isn't it? :(
4. Way too many, at least 20 and probably more. I have completely abandoned my blogs because I spend all my time reading others and then have nothing left to say on my own thats original.
5. ummmm, I can't stand chocolate covered fruit. why do people do that? It ruins the fruit.
6. Daily or as soon as they post: Decorno, Gala Darling, Camilla Engmann, How About Orange, Black Apple, Art and Ghosts, and Apt. 34

Anonymous said...

1. I'm 55 (tell people I'm 53), female, married.

2. Three times a day.

3. Posts that let me give advice about landscaping, soft goods, and other areas of expertise.

4. About 30.

5. That I hunt.


Anonymous said...

I'm a 27 year old female. I'm engaged to a fantastic dork. I read this blog about once a day. Sometimes when I'm bored at work I look at it constantly. I like posts with really good photos, and I like the snarky comments. My confession is that I kind of went back to my religious background, and so my man and I haven't had sex for a year. It's weird. We're getting married soon, so sex will be back on.

It's nice to be anonymous!

Sarah's Fab Day said...

1. Female and 34, 2 kids, and 2 beyond annoying dogs.
2. Hmmm, no clue whenever I get the chance probably every other day.
3. I like your decor posts with the commentary I think they're funny.
4. I read tons a day sadly I couldn't even tell you how many.
5. I don't use profanity on my blog however in real life I'm like a sailor with a naughty, naughty mouth.
6. My top 3 are Inside the Loop, I *Heart* You and good ole' Perez.

Anonymous said...

Hi Decorno!

1. I'm 33, female, married, and straight.
2. I'm now almost a daily reader (as much as I can be.)
3. I'm trying to decorate my newly-bought house (and my first house) so I love any inspiring home images. Oh, and I DEFINITELY like the bitchy blogs.
4. I read several blogs every 2-3 days. I just can't do it daily. Too much web to look at to commit to looking at them everyday.
5. Probably they'd be surprised if they knew how much time I spent on the internet. I mean, it's a lot of time. And I just found out about blog readers too maybe about a month ago and now all I can do is surf and add blogs to my reader. I don't even have time to read them!
6. Decorno, The Sartorialist, and my newest favorite, Chubby Hubby (I want this guy's job!!), although he doesn't post everyday. Good because I could never keep up.

BTW, I'm the fan who emailed you about going to BA this fall. So excited!!! Anthony Bourdain's about to show his Uruguay episode next week so tune in and let it take you back.

hanako66 said...

I am a 28 year old married female. I just found your blog due to the AT Nick Olsen post (I adore him). I stop daily at AT, the Daily Danny, and Perez Hilton.

hanako66 said...

I love funny blogs and interesting colorful homes. Your open letter to your puggy just about had me tinkling in my undies...You are going to be a daily stop for me now for sure.

Decs said...

Ha! Tinkling... I do NOT use that word enough. :)

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