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My friends are funny.

Friend emails me and reports on tonight's activities, saying:

...totally wasting time and puttering here. I just watched one of those true-crime “Dateline” type shows. They’re kind of all the same, right? Mild-mannered dude kills girl who is “full of life,” “everyone loved her” etc. The unpopular loner girls never get killed.


Shawn said...

This is completely true. The loner girls stay home and pretend like they are sexy librarians: put up their mousy hair, wear glasses on a chain, that ruffly blouse from Forever 21 or SJP's Bitten line from Steve and Barry's in random-ass Capitol Mall in Olympia. As such, they are never in danger of being murdered.

Anonymous said...

The unpopular loner girls all end up going to BlogHer.

(kidding! kidding!)

Vanessa said...

Laughing my head off, and if only it were tidy, would possibly also roll on the floor.

The friendless endure, I suppose.

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