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Scatergories? Like, the world has just been hiding this from me?

Seriously, our favorite people (except you, JJ) brought over that silly Scatergories game tonight and it's like the best game ever and I am a little annoyed that the world made me work so hard with Trivial Pursuit all this time when it's way easier to win Scatergories (not to mention, it's super fun).


jax said...

A game that may be even more fun than Scatagories is True Colors. Best played with people you know well and it is hilarious.

"True Colors"

Ellie said...

That's nothing. You want serious hilarity, check out Words of Wisdom. If you're a word game lover, you'll be hooked in minutes.

clariza said...

scategories is my new fave played at holiday parties. i make my 8 yr old niece be in charge of the timer and read out the categories while we go around the room and give answers. The best way to get points is to be super creative w your answers, its fun to play w in laws and grandparents too! Im glad u discovered it. I felt the same way u did when i found out about it. I was mostly a master at!

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