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Cottage Living

So much cuteness in this month's Cottage Living.

I want those kitchen windows.


Celia said...

I love this pic!!!!! I need that kitchen!!! Looks like the one from Caroline de Monaco and family!

eM said...

i Used to LOVE cottage living - but I let my subscription run out because it's become more like big-ass house living

Anonymous said...

This is why I traded in 3,000sq. ft. for 1927 1200ft. cottage.....the "cuteness" factor can not be underestimated but got to be careful of "precious" ....not good. Ginny

Anonymous said...

P.S. This cottage is fabulous....simple and striking. Ginny

Anonymous said...

Em, I agree. When they referred to a 1,200 square foot featured house as "teeny", I had enough. Way to alienate your core readers!

BTW, the black & white is just too much for me. I'd get sick of it awfully fast.

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