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THESE Botkier boots are on fire. I have to have them. I have no idea what I will wear with them, but I will figure that out.

You know, I always wait too long to get boots and then the best styles are sold out in my size blah blah blah and I miss my window of opportunity. Not this year.

So, as my ongoing commitment to shoe-ing you all up, here are my favorites for this fall:

You know that totally awesome Loeffler Randal flat boot (the Matilde) that you don't feel like shelling out $650 for? Good news, here's that boot for less.

Pour La Victoire
That is a whole lotta boot for the price.

Oh Frye, you kill me. You really know how to make a boot. You make those classic styles that I would never wear (they are too rugged for me, and I would look so phony in them), but then you pull a few fashiony boots out of your bag of tricks every year and just make my heart melt. This is something else. It's *almost* too much with that snake print, but the roomy looking shaft and the slightly snipped toe softens the bitchy edges and makes this perfectly cool. They're pricey, I know. But Frye boots last. You'll be able to keep wearing these.

Dolce Vita
Like the PLV boot, it's a lot of boot and a lot of look for the price. The heel and the toe - perfect.

I know this is so fashiony (I can't imagine pulling it off), but if you're young and fabulous, please get this so I can live vicariously through you.

Sigh. I show you this in teal, but you know I would get it in black. The woven patent leather delights me. Yum.


vicki archer said...

I am loving La Victoire and also the flat boots - they sound like a great excuse for some foot comfort. Looking at these images, all I can think is bring on the winter weather!

Anonymous said...

I love the way you write about shoes. It's so lascivious.

Kwana said...

Oh, they are all so delicious.

Decorno said...

Well, holy cow! It's Vicki Archer, author of My French Life.

I love your book. So gorgeous.

Anon: I want to be the Anais Nin of shoe writing. (Or something.)

Kwana - don't you think those Botkier boots look like they are wearing some kind of naughty mini-skirt? Meow.

Anonymous said...

as to "are you boot crazy"

crazy? yes! (just kidding)

It's time

It's time for you to go forth and get yourself a stylist

you know somebody who can sho you what boot to buy

its okay to be crazy
just not in that boot way

solution: get a professional to shop for you :)



s. said...

THANKS. I don't know what the most recent Anon was typing about. You need no stylist, Decorno. You have great taste and I love when you share your footwear/ bags expertise with us.

But, maybe une p'tite quelque chose pour nous qui portons only flats? I'm sure there must be some fabulous boots with lower heels for those of us who actually have to be on our feet, running around, all day?

I've been sipping too much rose' today - can you tell?

erin@designcrisis said...

I must have those BCBG boots! Even though I am only 5' tall and I know heels make my legs look less stumptastic, it's just too hard for me to get a lot of wear out of those super high (but seriously sexy) versions.

Decorno, are you one of those people who can run a marathon in heels? Do you really just get used to it?

decorno said...

I wear heels to work every day. I often wear heels on the weekends, too, if I am going shopping or meeting friends for breakfast or whatever. Sometimes even to baseball games. Nuts, I know.

If I know I am doing constant walking, I will wear a wedge for stability, but I still like it to be 2 - 3 inches high.

And yeah, I do think you get used to heels. But I can't run a marathon. 2 - 3 hours on them and I'm toast.

Jules said...


I think Rachel Zoe's assistant is wearing those Camuto boots in the trailer for the Rachel Zoe Project. No?

eeps. said...

i did shell out for the loeffler randall matilde boots and my heart hurts every time i see a knockoff. sigh. i still love my boots though.

Anonymous said...

Jules, you are such the Shoe Detective!

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