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I know I am not breaking any news here...

but I just wanted to make sure everyone has seen blogger Abby Nova's apartment. It's envy-inducing, so be warned.

You can see it all HERE when it was featured on Design Sponge a while back.

And you can check out Abbey's blog HERE.


Anonymous said...

decorno ?

serious envy?


here's why

the pictures over the fireplace are way to cluttered and out of scale

the couch is not a good color and its too close to the fireplace they may as well put it in the fireplace

the black chairs do not do anything for the boring wood uninteresting table

the desk is yet another eyesore
and i could go on but that's enough

please try again we really do want to see a room that triggers envy


decorno said...

Wow, holy cow. Testy, testy.

Her place just makes me happy. Good light, simple lines, lived-in, adorable. I like it.

Did you see the posts on The Selby and the rooms he photographs? What do you think of those? (And that's a serious question.)

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's that blogger who doesn't know how to use punctuation.

Anonymous said...

I like it. It's unfussy. I like that she didn't worry herself about the paintings-to-fireplace-width ratios.

It's got likeability. You can't break that down into "good colors" and proper "scale."

Anonymous said...

I like it. It seems genuine and lived in, not contrived, like most shit I see.

Anonymous said...

okay decorno

Im the anon who "doesnt worry about the punc" yes how true

so anyway anon @ 8:18 said

she didn't worry herself about the paintings-to-fireplace-width ratios.

let me repeat that

she didn't worry herself about the paintings-to-fireplace-width ratios.

It's got likeability.

You can't break that down

into "good colors"

and proper "scale."


anon is right

you can't say it has good color
or good scale


the envy factor simply is a figment of Decornos imagination

case closed

now please do find some seriously enviable decor would you please?

thats all

is it asking so much ?

well must go now kids would like to play but can't

adios amigos

AK said...

Love it. Definately better than the over decorated multi million dollar pretentious shit shown in Elle Decor.
Decorno,show us more apartments/houses like this one.

s. said...

Well, I'm in a small town in South-west France, so yeah, it's new to me. Merci.

Ivy Lane said...

I'm with us more like this! Who cares about ratios to fireplace widths?? If she likes her art, and wants to see it, she can put display anyway she wants..The sofa is just fine, and the black chairs are great! Lines and light are good.. love the floors... Anon 7:56..go take a MIDOL!

i suwannee said...

i think its wonderful. i love all the wood - it makes it feel so warm.

envy is felt. that's the smell of desire my lady.

Anonymous said...

After many years in design related biz....this fresh, young, look is why I'm so excited about todays youngins. No stodgy rules....surrounded by treasures that inspire. Much to enjoy...Ginny

K.Line said...

I don't give a shit about the scale, I love it. And, I figure, you can just get rid of some of the mantle clutter (I'm not a tchotchke person) and move the freakin' couch a little.

Alicia B Blogs said...

I love it. I wish I had a large apartment like that. So neat and even though I don't care for cluttered pictures on the mantle I think she does a great job.

Anonymous said...

I especially like that dark blue sofa. really great.

coast said...

Love the red computer! Anyone know if it is a Dell?

coco+kelley said...

a double mantel? and a shiny red laptop? i'll take 'em both. i actually forgot about her house, so thanks for posting it again! (see, it totally pays to recycle!)

coast said...

My bad...I thought it looked like a mac, and it is. It has a red shell. Must get one!

Anonymous said...

Navy blue is a terrific color for a sofa, and underused.

Anonymous said...

Also, check out the legs on the dining table, that sweet little curl at the bottom. Mmmmm.

The Sale Rack said...

oh my god oh my god oh my god i love the double decker mantel!

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