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She looks like fun.

I love that Jauretsi Saizarbitoria has kept her old Jane magazines. See the stack o' mags and her whole place HERE, at The Selby, of course.

The score:
Plus 100 for having such a laid-back place with awesomely vintage touches, not to mention looking like someone who might be cool to hang out with. But minus 1 for having a Keep Calm and Carry On poster.


Anonymous said...

she might need all that pro-choice biznass

erin@designcrisis said...

I hate that "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster. But now you can buy one in the same font/style that says, "Panic Dumbass and Behave Like Headless Chickens," on Etsy.

Some of the posters involved in the Palin drama deserve that one.

decorno said...

I think the poster has a certain charm and I remember wanting it the first time I saw it.

But I have seen it now on blog in so many other apartments that in our super-fast decor fashion cycle, I am already over it.

Maybe it will be back in fashion in 6 weeks and I can love it again and say "First!" I will let everyone know.

decorno said...

"seen it now on blog"

Ha! I sound so ESL. I love it.

Anonymous said...

I'm like you decorno, the Keep calm and carry on poster was a bit of brilliance when it was first reprinted but now its just Keep calm and yawn. I do love that apartment though.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit, I loathe that "For Like Ever" poster that keeps showing up in Domino.

erin@designcrisis said...

It is sad that we get tired of things so fast, and that the "cycle" can ruin things we previously loved. Smacks of conspicuous consumption, doesn't it?

We should buy the things we like and not give a shit if everyone else has them, too. But this is coming from the Old Navy sandal queen of the universe.

Anonymous said...

I pretty much detest the entire craze of posters with sarcastic phrase.

Anonymous said...

The "Keep Calm" is such a tired trend piece, and while the faux stripper lamp is kinda fun, minus more points for the cliched Ingres Odalisque print. maybe shopping isn't just different from design, but very distinct from taste, in this case.

Anonymous said...

I do like the type font (in the otherwise-irritating "Keep Calm" poster).

Anonymous said...

The Selby makes me feel so ancient.

Tara.Fields said...

I always felt patronized by the poster. If I want to get goddamn excited or freaked out, then I'm going to get goddamn excited or freaked out. How about Keep Your Nose Outta My Crack? Anyway, I'm a fan of that same etsy sellers

Jules said...

I once bought a limited edition screen print from a well known artist. It arrived wrinkled and ruined(not from him, but the store with which he was doing the limited edition). I emailed and thought I was having a pleasant conversation with them about the whole mess. Then I heard nothing for over a week. Imagine my surprise when one day the UPS man delivers to me from said shop a fluorescent red KEEP CALM and CARRY ON poster packaged the way my limited edition should have been.


I still have that thing rolled up in the closet. What on earth should I do with it?

Tara.Fields said...

Jules - poop on it and mail it back.

Paul Pincus said...

i love that she has a few issues of details from the flanders/saban era.

also, i kinda have respect for anyone who managed to sit through vincent gallo's the brown bunny...not to mention securing the film's poster?!

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