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Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy, sir.

I can't take it anymore. I can't hear another talking head on the news channels wax on about how Biden needs to "be careful" with his approach in his Thursday night debate with Palin. Why? Doesn't that strike you as patronizing?

People who read this blog clearly know I am an Obama supporter. And I think Palin does not deserve to be VP. But let's set that aside for now as we consider this together: Why should Biden hold back? If you think so, why?

And it's only men I have heard say this ridiculous thing. I haven't heard (or read) of any women (so far) who have indicated that somehow Biden must treat Palin differently or with kid gloves.

Ugh. It's driving me nuts.

Isuwannee had a little drinking game for the first presidential debate. I think we need to create one for Thursday's big event. What will the rules be? Anyone?


kristin said...

Shit! I totally agree! It drives me nuts. But I have to think: I am already for Obama. I am going to vote for him no matter what. I was pulling for Biden the be the VP pick. I love them.

Then I have to put myself in the heads of others. The people who haven't made up their minds or, worse, are for McCain. We saw a fairly big shift toward Obama after the Presidential debate, and a lot of that is due to the fact that McCain was an ass. The fact that McCain was wrong didn't mean squat to a lot of people. They just didn't like that he was a dick. It's the same with Hillary and the primary debates. People were lukewarm about her, she would seemingly get beat up in a debate, and people would rush to support her.

So Biden should not be perceived an ass. The point is not about being right. It's not about being the best. It's about getting the vote. Because do we really want Palin to walk around the White House? People talk her up as "a rising star," "smart but a little out of her league," but come on, she's dumb as a post. I take comfort in the fact that she'll just destroy herself by trying to construct a sentence.

My only suggestion is to drink consistently to forget that Palin is an actual candidate. Vodka, hide our shame!

David said...

I'm thinking about this debate with a kind of self-imposed slaughter rule in play. He can humiliate her, and I really want him to, but he's got to do it with superior knowledge and experience only. He can't set her up, he's got to let everything she lacks be her downfall. He can't be a dick, and he can't patronize, because if he does all anyone will remember is that he was a dick.

hello gorgeous said...

This walking on eggshells is bullshit. However, he can't be a dick whether his debate-mate is a man or woman. I would just like to see Joe keep foot out of mouth. :-) Delaware loves you, Joe.

The best presidential debate drinking game I found was from one of my new favorite blogs, "It's like I'm...mmmagic" @

Read up.

Alison said...

Shots every time Palin drops her "G"s.

I think her name is really "Paling".

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing somewhere that the guy who lost the Governorship to Palin blamed it on a debate he had with her. Apparently she was so thin on all the issues that the local media accused him of being pompous and mean just because he knew the answers to the questions. He seemed to think that debate caused his defeat. he said it is a "no win" situation. I have to agree. Until people can stop thinking of her as the sexy librarian from a porno film or your best friend from the PTA and consider her seriously, Biden is in trouble no matter how he acts.

Anonymous said...

I just want to know why the media continues to coddle Obama. WHERE are the tough questions being asked of Obama and Biden over William Ayers, Rezko, Wright, donations from Fannie/Freddie Mae. It is an absolute joke. Hope Biden puts his foot in his mouth. He is a racist idiot too (ever hear his comments about Indians and 7/11 stores or about how Obama is just one of a handful of handsome, intelligent blacks). Keep the gaffes coming (too bad the media doesn't pay them much attention-- they are after all on the dem. bandwagon).

Jennifer said...

Every time Palin utters an incomplete sentence, drink. You'll be wasted within 15 minutes.

Anonymous said...

You have to remember who Biden is trying to reach with the debates. He doesn't need to win over those of us who want to see him deliver the knock out punch. He needs to win over all the idiots (okay, fine, we'll call them "undecideds") who are still on the fence. And being overly aggressive will only increase the idiots' (sorry, "undecideds'") opinion that the democratics are superior bullies who think they know more than everyone else. All Biden needs to do is sound well informed, experienced and thoughtful, and let Palin hang herself when she is forced to depart from her prepared list of by-lines and watchwords because she has no depth of understanding of the actual issues.

i suwannee said...

the hand thing she does. pinching the thumb and forefinger = drinking to the max.

did you hear what she said about debating biden--she was "looking forward to it, because she'd heard about him since she was, like, in the 7th grade"

Anonymous said...

This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

What if the debate was Clinton v. McCain? Would they go easy on her?

Um, no.

Kwana said...

I'm so with you here Decorno. I say make it a knock out in the first round and move on to the main event. I'm over this crap!

Anonymous said...

Down your drink when she licks her lip. I think she does that when she knows she's faking an answer, so you should be drunk in no time and she'll lose all her lipliner.

Anonymous said...

Down your drink when she licks her lip. I think she does that when she knows she's faking an answer, so you should be drunk in no time and she'll lose all her lipliner.

e. love from DE love said...

Fuck. Sarah. Palin. I've said it once and I'll say it again...I love Joe Biden. Anon 6:42, you sound like an absolute douche bag. No, I'm sorry, you aren't even the bag, you are the nozzle. Anyhow... Being a female, and from Delaware, my vote is for Obama/Biden. Palin is just an embarrassment to our gender. Not to mention, our nation. Yessss.. a female is finally receiving a chance, an actual really REAL chance at the White House, and our illustrious POS Republican candidate goes and selects a dumb-ass redneck marf like Palin. Holy Shit, REALLY??! Just for a female vote?? Come the Fuck on, you Douche Bag.. or Nozzle :P

PS...Hello Gorgeous, are you in Delaware? If so, We need to meet. You're Badass.

Anonymous said...

How about every time she says:

-Crisis mode
-Idill (rather than ideal)
-Bellout (rather than bailout)
-I agree with John McCain
-Waiting for McCain

Anonymous said...

or, "don't you know?" with her stupid accent. we always make fun of her sounding like a canadian mountie...don't you know.

Anonymous said...

dear e love from delove.

Keep up with the immature name calling. You really elevate the discussion. Why haven't you answered my questions? Why did Obama have such a long and close relationship with an avowed and unrepentant domestic terrorist by the name of Williams Ayers? Where's the media reporting on that? Oh, my tough questions must be stumping you and so you have to call me a "douche bag." Wow, I'm so hurt. Boo hoo.

hello gorgeous said...

E love from de love: Just ignore the Anon buzzing about your head like a mosquito. Oh, yes, ma'am. We should meet. Debate party! Where are you?

Even conservatives, Anon, realize that Sarah Palin is out of her league. But you probably don't read things (even in the National Review) that you don't agree with.

Anon 10:01: You stole my line for a shot every time she says "bell" for bail.

And if you are a Republican who intends to vote the R ticket, take a shot of Pepto Bismol every time you wish Sarah Palin was Mitt Romney.

Anonymous said...

"we always make fun of her sounding like a canadian mountie...don't you know."

I had no idea that's how Canadian mounties sounded.

Decorina said...

No, Biden shouldn't hold back.

The woman is a blithering idiot and must be exposed as such. Will need some kind of alcohol to watch this I think.

Ivy Lane said...

Like you said.."Strike first. Strike hard...No mercy, sir."..the post title and picture say it all!! I agree... Biden should come out and show everyone what he's got!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is so addicting. I am so opposite on most of your views yet I absolutely am excited to see what you have to say each entry.

Anonymous said...

I played a version of this drinking game for the Charlie Gibson interview and then for her limited presence on the tube since. I cheated and found this one online.

Take a swig (of whatever you like, Moosehead beer would be fun) every time Sarah says...



any sentence including the words "neighbor" and "Russia"

small-town values

Gwen or Joe (remember how many times Palin said "Charlie" during the Gibson interview?)

off shore oil drilling


"Thanks but no thanks!"

You could even throw in some wild card words. Highly unlikely words, but fun nonetheless

--Take two chugs whenever Sarah Palin does the following:

Utters a coherent sentence (i.e., contains a subject and a verb and makes logical sense)

Talks about her new friend Henry Kissinger or Hamid Karzai

Explains how being the part-time mayor of Wasilla, Alaska with a full-time city manager counts as executive experience

--Chug a whole bottle if Sarah Palin mentions the following:

Palin Presidency

On second thought, make that two bottles...

Anonymous said...

It's like Biden is being held responsible for Palin's complete and total ignorance.

I was watching the umpteenth part of her interview with Katie Couric today and it was just... I don't even know what. When Katie asked her what magazines or newspapers she reads, Palin replied "Oh, you know all of them."
Couric: "Again, could you name some specifically"
Palin" "Oh you know I read everything, all of them."

The truly sad/scary part is that when she gives an answer that is semi-intelligble, it's like "OK, I'll give here that. She's doing better." But none of us would tolerate this incoherence and lack of knowledge from anybody else.

coco+kelley said...

have you read this:


i'm all for a drinking game for this one, especially after that last debate. how about every time she sounds like she's reading off some force-fed answer? i should be wasted 15 minutes in.... ;)

e. love from de love said...

Dear Anon 10:48,
Silly thing, I called you a "douche nozzle". Two different things. Any hoo, you should read the Washington Post more often. BTW, are you talking about the Woods Fund of Chicago group? You know, the anti-poverty one? Wow... Obama MUST be a terrorist then. Please read.

Hello Gorgeous- I'm in the glorious city of Milford, but travel all the time for work. We should meet up for lunch. We can discuss douche nozzles and their uselessness.. xo

Anonymous said...

Coco and Kelley: Bartlett was wrong. There aren't eight houses.. there are eleven. But, it is funny as shit. Thanks for finding!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I never got the impression they were saying he needed to be careful out of respect or anything for Palin. I perceive it as "oh god. please don't let him fly off and put his foot in his mouth." Anyone who doesn't like Palin has no fear because they believe she'll trip herself with the run-on sentences.

Personally, I initially liked her, but I'm struggling to come to terms with her interviews. It seems like she's been fed a lot of information in a short time frame and hasn't yet figured out how to unscramble it into something understandable.

I look forward to watching the debate. I saw the first presidential debate and came back with different feelings than anyone in the media & blogosphere. Hopefully tomorrow's debate doesn't result in a trainwreck for either campaign.

Iheartfashion said...

Agreed. No mercy, but Biden's got to do it with a smile to counteract all the down home folksy "charisma" that Palin supposedly has going on.

An Aesthete's Lament said...

All he has to do is make her look ignorant. Which shouldn't be that hard, without being condescending. Just knowing the right answers and sounding smart should do the trick. Go, Joe! As for his age, if she brings that up again, all he has to do is point out McCain is even older.

hello gorgeous said...

Okay, I have an idea. How about an interactive vice presidential drinking game on your blog? During the debate - drinking and posting (comments) always makes for good reading.

Or just running commentary during the debate? Could be an online debate party (although I may be going to the local Obama HQ debate party).

Old House Junkie said...

Sarah Palin scares me more than any other woman in the universe. If McCain wins she could likely end up as our President. If that doesn't terrify you, nothing will. ohj

Anonymous said...

Biden is told to be careful because he is an idiot not how he treats Palin. He has been noted referring to FDR's actions during the Great Depression!! Do you bloggers have a better grasp on American history than your chosen VP candidate? Check your history books! Do you really want a leader that is so unknowledgable?
You would rather discount a candidate because she licks her lips!
I am concerned for our country ---that choosing a leader is given no more intellectual scrutiny than what you guys seem to do. Do you really think promises and policies that change every month can be trusted? You have been blessed to live in a free country and now you are willing to give that up to become a socialistic nation. The real problem is that you are all spoiled rotten and have no clue how to think this through to the end and what will happen to this great nation if many of Obama's plans actually are put into place.

Decorno said...

Even with his ridiculous gaffe, Biden's understanding of American history simply shames that of Palin. Don't go down that line.

And how can you possibly say this:

"The real problem is that you are all spoiled rotten."

Seriously, how can you justify that statement.

You tone is really shrill. Can you ease up a bit?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10/2 10:55

If Biden is an idiot, then Palin doesn't even have a brain. What fucking planet are you on?

Anonymous said...

"...and what will happen to this great nation if many of Obama's plans actually are put into place."

What will happen to this great nation in McCain dies in office? He has had cancer FOUR times, and is 72.

Can you name any of Palin's "plans"?

Meander said...

Oh my goodness I'm not even viting for Obama but damn you're right - that patronizing crap that entirely male news anchors have come up with makes me gag! They might as well have said "be gentle with the fairer sex". Maddening it is darling, maddening!!!

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