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Even if you don't watch the show,

I highly recommend that you read SGM's amazing recaps of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Read it HERE.


Anonymous said...

SGM's recaps of the RHOA is bliss!

Sara said...

Let me just tell you...I watch it weekly and it's SO painful. Waste, waste, waste of lots of money going on. I thought the others were throwing cash around..these ladies are really surface and make the others seem down to earth!
But, I do get enjoyment out of my critical weekly viewings.
I'm excited for nyc to start airing soon.

the quarter rat said...

These stupid bitches make me happy that I traded cable tv for library books. They make Rachel Zoe look like Ghandi. Honestly, I feel a little angry about the 5 minutes or so of my life that I'll never get back spent thinking about these worthless husks.

Now I have to go do something life-affirming, like bake a pie or drink that bottle of prosecco in the fridge.

Gjelly said...

Dear Decorno,

I woke this morning a crab ass. Then, I followed your suggestion and read the recap...

I feel much better.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

SGM is the Internet's Dorothy Parker. She is that good.

SGM said...

Dorothy Parker? My precious anon, if you ever need a loan or a kidney, please call me. I'm yours.

I never thought that the 3rd group of housewives would be the best of them all. Crazy, crazy bitches.

thebubbreport said...

Check out Bethenny Frankel's blog at as well. She is absolutely hilarious.

I live in Atlanta (BTW, these women live nowhere near Atlanta - they are totally OTP) and this show is the most entertaining thing I've seen in awhile. I blame these five women for the gas shortage we had a month ago. I bet they have a big hand in the drought as well!


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