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Holy banana.

Maison Luxe is having a sale.

30% off everything on her site. And ridiculous deals in her store... she's moving locations and is selling the merchandise off the floor rather than move it all. God bless her, because I scored a great lamp.

Click HERE to shop the web store.

Click HERE to visit the store blog.

Go quick... everything is going really fast.

And guess who I ran into today when I went back to pick up my lamp, python tray, silver ice tongs, bamboo pens, Claus Porto soaps and other essential items to help me prepare for the next Great Depression? Miss Coco+Kelly herself. She moved back to Seattle a few months ago. It's a small blogging world, huh?


JJ said...

It's my birthday tomorrow.

Decorno said...

Which is why I bought you EVERYTHING IN THE STORE.

And I was driving it over to your house today and some guy flagged me down faking a flat and then he stole everything, which sucked. So that's why I can only afford to buy you a plate of fried eggs and grapefruit for your birthday.

When do I get to buy you breakfast, woman?

JJ said...

tough luck!

You can buy me Mexican wedding eggs...

uppergeorgetowner said...

thanks for the tip - I went there today and although there's not much left, I got a much coveted morrocan pouf for a steal of a price!

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