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Best wedding photo I have ever seen.

How much joy is in this photo? Too much, if "too much" is even possible when it comes to pure happiness.

Thanks to SGM, world's best pop culture commentator, for sending me a link to the BLOG where this photo can be found. She sent the link and noted, "(This blog) is kind of a NYC I Suwannee." (Couldn't be a better compliment, as far as I am concerned.)


Holly @ Maison James said...

Excellent! I put this one in my inspiration file.

It reminds me of another inspiration picture I keep around of Bjork spinning tunes - I don't even like her music - but she just looks so purely happy.

Tara.Fields said...

I can't wait to go to a wedding that is that much fun! I've a friend who shoots journalism style weddings and he's always catching these moments and the real tender or goofy ones between the bride and groom.

Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful portrait.

SGM said...

My fave was the one of the family picture shot from behind. So sweet, all of that hand-holding behind backs.

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