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Pizza off.

Some of you may recall we had a "Macaroni Off" a few weeks ago. That was wildly successful. We followed up with a Pizza Off. My man and his kid (14) made these muffin pizzas. Not only cute, but tasty.

As we were cleaning the house to host the event, we found a bag of stuff that my fiance's mom had dropped off. She's a goof and often her contributions to us are silly... in this bag of tricks that apparently had been sitting in our entryway for about 3 months I found these green, white, and red silky/sporty boxer briefs and thought, "Well, Sal, this is pretty random." I held it up and turned it around to discover that these Italian-themed shorts had a life size screen printed image of a guy's crotch on them. Ha! Big ol' sketch of a penis with hair and everything. Needless to say, the kid and I both tried them on over our jeans and each paraded the shorts around the house. We tied them up with a ribbon, realizing we had discovered an excellent grand prize for our pizza event.

Needless to say, Sal (the in-law) won the big prize, so we were dying for her to unwrap the trophy. She held them up and looked totally confused. She claimed that she had NOT dropped these off as some sort of raunchy joke. And of course, we're sitting here thinking it's going to get a big laugh. Our family of 13 or so is kind of staring at us like, "Who the hell gives cock shorts as a prize???!! There are children here!"

Sigh. We still can't figure out how the shorts got here. Mystery may never be solved.

Anyhoo, my entry was a goat cheese, mushroom, and onion pizza. I made the dough from the recipe on Saveur, but it seems like all pizza dough is basically the same. And I improvised the rest... I sauteed mushrooms and onions with a little garlic and then applied that to the pizza on a base of shredded mozarella, parmesan, and goat cheese. Tasty. Biggest mistake was not adding salt to the crust. Truffle oil and sea salt would have made the whole thing magical.

Go make pizza, if you haven't before. It's worth it.


Jennifer said...

Photos please.

Decorno said...

Of the shorts?

I don't have them Sal took off with them. I bet she's wearing them now....

And my pizza, well, I didn't take a photo. I am the world's laziest blogger, huh?

Zera said...

I think it's pretty clear who dropped off the Italian dick shorts: Berlusconi. Have you seen the vid of him humping the meter maid on yt? The guy's a pig. And that's an insult to pigs.

Decorina said...

I love the pizza dough recipe in Alice Waters cookbook. Used it for years - it is fab.

Jennifer said...

Of course of the shorts! Oh well. I love that you got mystery cock and balls shorts! Awesome.

SGM said...

We make pizza a lot and my favorite recipe comes from Perfect Recipes for Having People Over by Pam Anderson (I KNOW! It's a different one (obviously)). Easy, perfect crust without the whole fussy pizza stone, etc.

I think you need to ask for the shorts back and make them into throw pillows. You could embellish them with some needlepoint and sell them to Anthro.

Anonymous said...

Those throw pillows would look awesome on something classic like this:

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