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City gardens.

Loving this book.

City Gardens: Creative Ideas for Small Spaces

Garden books are either:
1) Too plant-focused
2) Too suburban & bland in terms of design and layout
3) Too dreamy and unreal, like, "Fancy-Ass Gardens of Europe"

This one is just right. A small book, but full of good ideas for people with in-city lots. Every idea here is elegant and sharp. No crap.


Ivy Lane said...

I agree totally.. Gosh..I hope the snow melts soon for you! You are really seeming to be cravin' some green!

Happy New Year!

michelle said...

the cover picture makes me want to see more...

s. said...

Off-topic... Decorno - would you please do a post about watches? I've loved your posts about shoes and bags; seems like a logical progression. Merci.

Renate said...

Did you notice the mowing strip around the lawn?

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